Hugh Jackman - Australias Best Project Ever.-RumourJuice.

Hugh Jackman - Australias Best Project Ever.-RumourJuice.


2. He’s a great actor, and didn't mind being typecast

Hugh Jackman - Australias best project ever.-RumourJuice.

Hugh Jackman The

Jackman has proved himself to be the best Wolverine there is. Since the year 2000, the man has been Wolverine in X-men and no one can think of anyone who could play the part as well as him. A non-jackman wolverine is simply unthinkable because, he has owned that character. He has dedicated a whole 17 years to being the best claw-handed and tissue regenerative superhero there ever was. Even after the last act in 2017, the wolrd will always think of him as the best Wolverine there ever was. The creator of this character must really be proud because he found someone who projected him in the best way,

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