Ariana Grande Releases New Album 'Sweetener'.-RumourJuice.

Ariana Grande Releases New Album 'Sweetener'.-RumourJuice.


Arianators are simply over the moon and with the weekend here they will probably be living the sweet life or rather, the Sweetener life. Ariana Grande dropped her much-anticipated new album Sweetener at midnight, and everyone’s talking about it mostly in positive tones.

Ariana Grande Releases New Album 'Sweetener'.-RumourJuice.


Trending within minutes

Sweetener was trending on social media within minutes of its release as fans swarmed for a first listen and shared their thoughts. Some picked up on its sexy lyrics and Ariana’s new sense of maturity. And as usual out came all the memes, include a few Sam & Cat(Ariana's former Nickelodeon show) references and many others that were quite hilarious.

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