Australia’s Biggest Urban Myths.-RumourJuice.

Australia’s Biggest Urban Myths.-RumourJuice.


There are various urban myths all over the world. Most of them are dramatic and they spread like veld fire through communities and societies. They are told again and again and people actually begin believing that these myths are true. However in most cases, these myths are fabricated. accounts and very exaggerated. Some of these myths have actually been passed from generation to generation.

Australia the land of stunning beaches, coral reefs, beautiful cities and vibrant wildlife is no exception when it comes to urban myths. Most of them are very interesting, haunting and have caused quite a stir in the land down under. Further outlined are some of the best Australian urban myths that have cause quite a stir.

1. Coven of King’s Park

Australia’s biggest urban myths.-RumourJuice.


The park is a great place to take a long walk or spend a sunny day. But at night, things can be quite different. The 4.06 square kilometer King’s Park, a short distance from Perth’s central business district in western Australia, is believed to be the site of very strange occurrences. One of the creepiest of tales is the one that tells of a coven of devil worshippers that meet at the park to perform their mysterious rites, some of which include creating occult symbols, burning effigies and having orgies right there in the park itself.

The most unseemly of all these is human sacrifice, which came to be linked to reports of missing homeless men. The myth tells of the dangers of sleeping in the park at night, as that’s when one is most likely to become part of the coven’s weird practices. The myth is exactly that, a myth, and has no basis in the truth, but that doesn’t stop people from steering clear of King’s Park after midnight; after all no one wants an encounter with the satanic coven!

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