Snapchat influencers to follow.-RumourJuice.

Snapchat influencers to follow.-RumourJuice.


Snapchat was in the beginning popular with with teenagers as a social media network where they could hang out without worrying about seeing their parents spying on their accounts. They could create a visual story, and send it to their friends. It would then disappear without a trace.

Snapchat influencers to follow.-RumourJuice.


It has lost some of its luster with the arrival of Instagram stories, as well as a recent unpopular change in layout. Both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian made big points of leaving Snapchat this year, although Khloe Kardashian recently returned with Snapchats of her new baby. Despite these uncertainties, Snapchat is still beloved by many of Generation Z. If the Millenials are your target market, then Snapchat is the ideal place to find them, particularly young women.

Compared to most of the other social networks, Snapchat has a relatively primitive search function. It can be hard to find users unless you know their username. Despite that here is a list of popular Snapchatters. They are popular in fields, such as fashion or fitness, but they grew up as Snapchatters, and continue to share pictures and videos of their life on the network.

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