Celebs who are nothing like they seem.-RumourJuice.

Celebs who are nothing like they seem.-RumourJuice.

By  rumourjuice.com

With the celebrities it is not always a case of what you see is what you get. Sometimes the most delightful characters on camera can be brutal in real life and the brutal and ruthless ones can actually be delightful and humble in real life. In other cases those that seem like sex symbols and might even seem promiscuous might be in fact good people with family values. On the other hand those that seem like the perfect human beings are anything but that.

These celebrities range from TV stars, music artists, athletes, power couples and so on. The truth about them might come as unexpected in some cases a good surprise in some not. Here is a list of celebrities who are nothing like they seem.

1. Jimmy Fallon

Celebs who are nothing like they seem.-RumourJuice.

Jimmy Fallon.-adele.wikia.com

Jimmy Fallon, seems to have been the right move in keeping The Tonight Show relevant and watchable. But when he's not hosting the late-night TV dynasty, Fallon seems to be anything but the great person who hosts the show.

In autumn 2015, the New York Post reported that Fallon is a pretty heavy drinker, and that fact is starting to become an open secret among those who know and work with him. He suffered alcohol-induced injuries three times in a four-month span—injuries that included needing to get his hand stitched up after falling on a broken bottle of Jägermeister. We hope he kicked the habit and got the necessary help.

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