Best outfits from VMA red carpet.-RumourJuice.

Best outfits from VMA red carpet.-RumourJuice.


The MTV Video Music Awards have dominated news this week. One fact is clear though that compared to the Grammys or the Oscars or even the Golden Globes, the VMAs are less prestigious, more accepting of bad behaviour, and overall — let's be honest — often more fun.

Now as with all the awards shows, the outfits that the stars wear are often in the limelight. Everyone is always looking at who wore what. While some artists really go all out and put on the best showstopping outfit much to the adoration of fans, other artists get it downright wrong and instead become fodder for good jokes both online and offline.

Here are some of the best outfits from the VMA red carpet.

1. Cardi B's Ruched Velvet Magenta Dress

Best outfits from VMA red carpet.-RumourJuice.


Cardi B, who's leading this year's awards with ten nominations, looks gorgeous in this ruched velvet magenta dress. The silhouette flatters her curves, and her new short hairdo lets her show off a stunning pair of turquoise earrings that contrasts really nicely with the rich jewel-tone dress. (Remember how great her Met Gala dress was? Don't underestimate her, style-wise.)

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