The shady side of Henry Cavill.-RumourJuice.

The shady side of Henry Cavill.-RumourJuice.


Henry Cavill no doubt makes a great Clark Kent. However his goodness stops on screen. In real life he is anything but a Superman. In fact, he can, at times, become like the villains and bad guys he fights both in his private and public life.

Verbal Garbage

The shady side of Henry Cavill.-RumourJuice.


The handsome British actor is only gorgeous on the outside but when he starts speaking, well, He turns into this ugly person. Whether he's giving his two cents about race relations or the sexual misconduct scandals in Hollywood, bragging about his wealth, spilling way too much about his sex life (both onscreen and off), or even just or seemingly making a habit of dating really young women, there are a lot of unsavory things about the Man Of Steel star when you scratch past the debonair surface. Seriously, can somebody get this hunk some media training because everytime he opens his mouth he puts his foot in the mouth.

Here are a few things that show the dark side of the dashing Henry Cavill.

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