The Hottest Female Actors On Netflix Right Now

The Hottest Female Actors On Netflix Right Now


With the growing popularity of Netflix and its original shows, it is no wonder more up-and-coming actors are getting the opportunity to showcase their talent as well as their beauty.

Check out these hot actresses that play roles in the massive library of films and TV shows on Netflix.

1. Linda Cardellini – Bloodline

Originally known for her role in Freaks and Geeks, Linda surprised viewers when she became one of the main characters in the successful Netflix series, Bloodline. Whether you want to see her in her serious role in Bloodline or a younger Cardellini in Freaks and Geeks, both are on Netflix to check out.

2. Alisha Boe – 13 Reasons Why

Norwegian-Somali actress Alisha Boe has been in movies since she was a young girl, but she did not make headlines until her role as Jessica on 13 Reasons Why.

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