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Photos Of The Most Beautiful And Hot Girls From Canada

The girls from Canada are distinguished by a rather tall stature, which, in combination with narrow hips gives their figures a certain general aristocratic image. The faces of these beauties are usually very expressive: high, well-defined cheekbones, big eyes and full lips. Here are some of the most beautiful women from Canada.

Grace Mahary

Grace was born in Canada, but she is the daughter of expatriates from East Africa. She began her career as a model back in 2006, but she combined it with her main passion, basketball, to which she devoted almost all of her time.

But after Grace got a serious injury at the match, she decided to leave her sporting career and devote herself to the modeling business. And the result was not long in coming, her career gradually went to the top. She participates in exclusive shows of leading fashion houses such as Givenchy and she is very popular.


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