Kim Kardashian’s Intense Workout Routine In 10 Photos

Kim Kardashian’s Intense Workout Routine In 10 Photos


It is no wonder Kim Kardashian has raised the bar for beauty standards. In a world where skinnygirls were the in thing, Kim rose to set a new trend for curvaceous women all over the world. Contrary to what people think of the Kardashian sister, Kim rose to her status as one of the sexiest women in the world through intense hard work. The mother-of-three subjects herself to rigorous physical training and disciplined diet to achieve her hourglass figure. In honor of Kim K and her banging body, we bring you details of her workout routine in 10 inspiring photos.

It All Started With Her Personal Trainer

The first journey to undergoing a strict exercise regimen is to find the perfect person to take you through the process. Kim found this person in bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara. After gaining over 50 pounds while carrying her second child, Kim found inspiration to transform her lifestyle by Melissa’s post-pregnancy transformation on Instagram. Ever since the two have been on a journey of helping Kim achieve the body of her dreams.

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