Pros And Cons: Mini Flat

Pros And Cons: Mini Flat


More and more Nigerian families and individual buyers prefer mini flats as their housing of choice. This type of living accomodations has its advantages, but those who live in mini flats can also name a few drawbacks of this kind of housing. Find out more about the pros and cons of living in a mini flat right now!

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1. Pros

Here are the most important advantages of choosing a mini flat as your new type of housing.

Cost is the biggest advantage of mini flats for most buyers. It’s not only cheaper to buy or rent a mini flat compared to a bigger apartment or a house, but it’s also easier to renovate and furnish it before you move in.

Mini flats are also considerably cheaper to maintain. Without the need to spend thousands on garden maintenance and with substantially lower electricity and water bills, owning a mini flat is much better for your budget than owning a house.

If the area where you want to live is your number one priority, a mini flat is always a cheaper way to move into your desired neighbourhood. A mini flat in a prestigious area can cost 50% cheaper than a house in the same location.

Mini flats often fit the lifestyle of modern young professionals better than houses. If gardening, repairs, and other components of living in a house aren’t among your hobbies, you’ll feel more at ease in your own mini flat.

Pros And Cons: Mini Flat

Pros And Cons: Mini Flat

2. Cons

Even though a mini flat seems like a very attractive type of living accomodations, there are also some drawbacks you need to consider.

Size is often an issue with mini flats. The reason why they’re more popular with single buyers than with families is that they don’t offer much space, which can be a problem for a growing family.

With an individual house you can have as much privacy as you want, which is not an option in mini flats. In the worst case scenario, you will hear everything happening outside the walls of your flat, and everything happening in your flat will be heard outside as well.

Unless you opt for a high-end mini flat, you risk being left out of popular convenience features and even necessities like your own parking space, garden, pool, outdoor or indoor gym, and barbeque space.

Owners of mini flat complexes usually don’t allow any major renovations, so you’ll need to agree to the planning and interior design chosen by the owner.

Pros And Cons: Mini Flat

Pros And Cons: Mini Flat

3. Conclusion

If your number one reason for choosing a mini flat is its affordable cost, then you likely won’t regret living in it until you decide to grow your family. Family buyers may find the lack of space in mini flats unacceptable, and a house is a better choice for those buyers.

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