The most expensive car in Nigeria

The most expensive car in Nigeria


Today, the unstable financial situation in Nigeria leave much to be desired, so the majority of people do not even think of buying luxurious cars.

But still some Nigerians do own very expensive cars, and this is another reason why these gems attract attention on the streets of the big cities.

Let’s find out what is the most expensive supercar in the country!

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The most expensive car in Nigeria

The most expensive car in Nigeria

1. The most expensive Nigeria’s car price

The most expensive car spotted in the streets of Nigeria costs about N350,000,000. Many Nigerian can’t even imagine this sum. But there is one person who can easily spend it on buying a luxurious masterpiece of automobile engineering!

This car is Bugatti Veyron, am the ultra-modern vehicle that impresses you from the first sight. You will be surprised by its appearance and strong characteristics – and don’t say that you have never wanted to own this monster!

The most expensive car in Nigeria

The most expensive car in Nigeria

2. The car characteristics

The car body is made of composite material in combination with aluminum and has incredible rigidity and resistance to twisting. Its index is 6000 nm/deg. The car is wide enough, but its size was smoothed by a perfectly tuned steering. The special car should have special tires: Veyron has non-standard sized tires of a unique rubber type.

Bugatti Veyron salon symbolizes the combination of style and utmost functionality, but also the maximum luxury that money can buy. Materials of the highest quality, exquisite design, as well as a lot of stylish accessories and trifles in the interior make you feel like home. Comfortable seats made out of genuine leather, elegant cockpit, carbon and aluminum decorative parts will make the most demanding car lover happy.

The supercar’s engine is something that the developers are really proud of: the engine is equipped with four turbochargers of 8 liters. Moreover, the layout of the motor is very intricate. This is a W-shaped 16-cylinder unit.

The declared power of the car is 1001 hp, although, in fact, it varies from 1020 to 1040 hp. The tractive force of 1250 n/m is enough to accelerate the car (1900 kg!) to a speed of 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. The car reaches 200 km/h in 7.3 seconds and reaches 300 km/h in 55.6 seconds. I

The fuel consumption when driving slowly will be about 37.2 l/100 km. However, when driving at the maximum speed it will be about 4 liters per 5 km. This means that the volume of the tank in this mode is only enough for 125 km.

Bugatti Veyron has got the all-wheel drive the system of and a 7-steps automatic gearbox.

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