20 Celebrities Who Don't Identify As Either Straight Or Gay

20 Celebrities Who Don't Identify As Either Straight Or Gay

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Sexuality is diverse, and yes, there are many different types.

Figuring out what sexuality exactly defines you can be difficult for some people, and others may never even figure it out.

Also, one’s sexuality can change over time, or with exposure.

In as much as some people have a hard time accepting others who are different, it doesn't stop these individuals from coming out for who they are.

Here are the celebrities who don't identify as gay or straight, in no particular order:

1. Angelina Jolie

24 Celebrities Who Don't Identify As Either Straight Or Gay

24 Celebrities Who Don't Identify As Either Straight Or Gay

Angelina has been quite bold in her love choices.

It all started from the time the actress was involved in a lesbian romance with model and actress Jenny Shimizu.

The attraction was said to have brewed up when the actress first met Jenny on the set of the 1996 teen drama ‘Foxfire.’

She reported that as soon as she laid eyes on Shimizu, she realized the attraction.

All she could think of were Jenny's sexy legs, and how badly she wanted to kiss her.

Even, then, Angie was surprised by her attraction towards a woman.

Before then, she thought she could only feel that way towards men.

The romance even almost ended up in a marriage in the late 1990’s till early 2000’s.

Sadly, the couple later broke up following a series of assault charges filed against Shimizu.

Anyways, she was asked in a 2003 interview if she was bisexual, and the actress responded with similar bluntness: “Of course.”

2. Janelle Monae

Another pop star to make this list is the very talented Janelle, who has also had relationships with both men and women.

At first, she identified as being bisexual.

But, as soon as she understood what it meant to be pansexual, the singer has then identified more with that instead.

In a couple of interviews, Monae spoke about her sexuality and urged others who are fighting their discovery not to give up.

The star then hinted that her album ‘Dirty Computer’, was dedicated to all the young lads out there battling with their discovery.

She was embraced by many social media users her for coming out and the gesture.

Monae had an interview with Rolling Stone, where she dished out on her relationship status. she said.

‘Being a queer black woman in America, someone who has been in relationships with both men and women - I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker,"

The singer also revealed that she’s open to learning more about who she is, after finding out.

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