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10 Most Popular Types Of Houses In Nigeria

Everyone comes to the point of searching for a perfect home. There are a lot of factors to consider before buying one – from personal tastes to budget. Nevertheless, it is useful to know what real estate agents can offer. Here are 10 types of houses Nigerians can currently reside in:

  • Mud house.
  • Townhouse.
  • Terraced house.
  • Semi-detached house.
  • Detached house.
  • Bungalow.
  • Duplex.
  • Mansion.
  • Penthouse.
  • Container house.

Mud house

This traditional type of dwelling is still common in some regions of Nigeria. Just like in ancient times, the owners use palm fronds, mud, and straw to build the wall and the roof. These houses are more common in remote rural areas. The building is determined by the local environment.

Obviously, it is not an option for a big city. However, if you are looking for a remote place somewhere in the countryside to escape from a noisy megapolis from time to time, a mud house will be a perfect change of scenery.

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A townhouse is a block of apartments, a multi-unit complex of identical joined dwellings. It is a row of multi-store buildings with identical small homes. They are common in the private sector, often come with terraces, and are at least three floors high.

Townhouses occupy entire neighborhoods and provide vast opportunities for socializing. This type of dwelling is often remote from the city center but not too much, ensuring that you will not find it difficult to reach a downtown, your work etc.

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Terraced house

Modern terraced houses are two- or three-storey buildings, which can stand separately or as a row of buildings with shared walls. Unlike a townhouse, these are individual closely located houses. This is one of the most popular types of dwelling in the Lagos area.

Terraced houses remind a block of apartments or motels you can notice in American films. Most likely, They feature homes with one or two bedrooms. A terrace can be both private and shared depending on the architecture of a particular building.

Semi-detached house

Semi-detached houses also have some architecture elements in common, but they share only one wall. Thus, you can be sure that there will be fewer neighbors around. The life in one of these houses probably will be quieter and more private compared to the options above.

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Detached house

A detached house is the one that stands independently. It can be a multi-storey or a one-storey building in any style. Settlers choosing a detached house are usually seeking more privacy or an opportunity to arrange a personal garden, relaxation or barbecue area.


If you like one of those one-storey houses with a small room just beneath the roof, you are probably speaking about a bungalow. It is a detached building, often with dormer windows, affordable to maintain, and economical to build. This is what makes them so popular all over Nigeria.

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Similarly to a semi-detached house, a duplex consists of two units sharing a central wall. It is a two-storey building vertically divided into two apartments. As a rule, you can find a completely functioning apartment on each floor – perfect for a big family or those who often have guests.

Duplexes look like two separate houses located side by side. This type of dwelling is very common in all neighborhoods around Lagos state. Moreover, here you can see some other variations, like triplexes and fourplexes – similarly build but higher buildings.

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We have gradually approached the most luxurious type of dwelling you can find in Nigeria. A mansion has at least two floors connected by internal stairs, several bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious living room, dining room, area for relaxation, and a backyard. Mansion owners often have gyms and swimming pools.

A mansion always looks impressive and is associated with a wealthy person. Well, this is quite logical, for real estate agents classify mansions as houses of minimum 8,000 square feet. Sometimes it seems that an entertainment zone is a matter of the primary concern for mansion owners.

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A penthouse is like a mansion among apartments. It is a spacious and luxurious apartment located at the very top of the building. Very often penthouses have two levels, several bedrooms, amazing entertainment area, and certainly a very impressive view.

Unlike the previous types of houses, this one is the least popular in Nigeria. Such luxurious apartments can be found in big cities, like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and several others. Also, they are more common in hotels than among private property options.

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Container house

We started this story by telling about an ordinary traditional dwelling and are going to finish it with mentioning the most modern option – a container house. The name can seem a bit puzzling. Well, it is neither a metaphor nor a low-budget option.

A container house is an affordable home arranged in a transformed shipping container. This option is more popular among young people and design fans who praise minimalism and extraordinary solutions most of all. According to the architects, these are the homes of the future.

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