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Cost of building 2 bedroom flat in Nigeria

If you are a contractor, knowing the estimated cost of building a 2 bedroom flat will help you make a fast approximate summary for the client. If you are a client, this post will help you to have an edge over the contractor.

After reading this post, you will know the number of blocks needed for the building, the costs of window sliding, roofing and the number of trips of sand required!

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The approximate summary for building 2 bedroom flat

Making this summary, we have also listed all the materials needed for the building a house from the foundation to finishing, including labor and soakaway. Also, you will find the cost of doors, tiles & granite, wiring, etc.

To build 2 Bedroom flat in Nigeria, you will need the following items:

  •   2,000 x 6” of hollow blocks (130/block) – N260,000.
  •   110 cement packs (2750) – N302,500.
  •   15 tons of granite (42,000) – N126,000.
  •   Sand for the mortar – N35,000.
  •   Sand for plastering – N30,000.
  •   7 Trucks of filling laterites – N70,000.
  •   Rod, 20 lng – N36,000.
  •   Plank, 25 lng – N30,000.
  •   Roofing & lab – N400,000.
  •   Windows sliding & lab – N85,000.
  •   PVC & lab – N85,000.
  •   Doors & lab – N160,000.
  •   Tiles including labour – N190,000.
  •   Sanitary & labour – N115,000.
  •   Wiring & lab – N190,000.
  •   Labour for mason, carpentry, iron bending – N390,000.
  •   Burglary – N95,000.
  •   Soakaway – N155,000.
  •   The costs for the supervision are determined by your contractor.

Total – N2,754,000 + 10% extra expenses = N3,029,400.

  •   Note this is an estimate ‘cause the prices may vary depending on your location.
  •   Keep in mind that the summary was made assuming that the land plot has been bought and prepared for construction.


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