Fashion: Ankara skirt and blouse

Fashion: Ankara skirt and blouse


Ankara really inspires your imagination with the new 2018 collection of African skirts & blouses!

This Fashion season presents a huge variety of Ankara skirts of different styles and length. There are also many models of eye-catching blouses – both strict and classical and chic and flirty.

Follow these trends and create your unique, perfect style and color combinations!

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Ankara skirts 2018

In this season, you can freely choose from short pencil Ankara skirts above the knees, elegant midi skirts and astonishing models of long narrow Ankara skirts, flared to the bottom skirts.

The latest collection is full of skirts models of complex cut, as well as one or several slits for daring ladies!

One of the most popular designs by now is the “Mermaid’s tail” style.

Ankara skirt and blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse

2. Ankara blouses 2018

Check out the latest usual classical blouses and peplum blouses!

The models with a round, triangular or rectangular neckline are still on the top of attention in 2018. The popular sleeves are short, 3/4 or long, extended to the bottom. The sleeveless blouses models are also in trend; keep in mind that open shoulders and intriguing cutouts on the back are extremely trendy!

Ankara skirt and blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse

3. Skirt & blouse combos

Usually, ladies choose Ankara skirts and blouses in one color solution, so they can create a joint ensemble.

There are various options of a skirt & blouse combos in 2018 designer collections:

• a monochrome Ankara skirt and a multi-colored blouse;

• a multi-colored Ankara skirt in a combination with a monochrome top;

• options of joining blouses and tops of different, but still matching colors, as well as choosing the tops and skirts with the common design elements.

Ankara skirt and blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse

4. The colors of Ankara designs for skirt and blouse

The color palette of Ankara clothing is extremely vivid and elegant. The sea wave shades, calming blue colors, as well as yellow and coral, will stay in trend forever.

The purple color is not leaning back soon too. Many fans of Ankara skirt & blouse style usually opt for pink color and its versatile palette of shades. There are some elements of green in the latest collections too.

Skirt & blouse styles of 2018 have many interesting combinations:

• pink and blue;

• yellow and blue;

• brown and yellow;

• pink and brown.

There are also great combos of 3 or even 4 colors and shades in one look!

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