Nigerian clothing for men

Nigerian clothing for men


Nigerian men are known to be extremely fashion conscious. In order to express their taste, they wear traditional attires, adapted by famous Nigerian designers. And these attires look really elegant and majestic!

Let’s take a look at five popular types of Nigerian clothing for men, that are in trend now!

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Senator Style

This style was popularized by senator Pious Anyim. The outfits are created from strong, bold, suit material; the shirt is extended to the knees and has a little embroidery. The pants are made from similar materials, as the top.

The sleeves can be short or long. For this style, men usually wear distinguished and standard accessories like stylish shoes, glasses, and bold wristwatches.

Nigerian clothing for men

Nigerian clothing for men

2. Atiku Style

Atiku attires are sewn in a smart, but the simple manner with most designs finished in a body fitting look.

These outfits resemble the Senator style but they are usually rendered in short sleeves.

Atiku styles have little embroidery and this clothing emphasizes elegance and simplicity above everything else.

The designer outfits Atiku style are usually created in black and white, navy blue colors.

3. Agbada Style

Agbada is an overflowing and quite large men’s gowns, that reach the line below the knees - and sometimes below the ankles.

This type of clothing needs constant adjustments to ensure that the folds on the shoulders do not fall off.

Agbada gowns are usually worn with a full length matching pants. The premium, expensive fabrics work best for Agbada style.

Nigerian clothing for men

Nigerian clothing for men

4. Kaftan style

These stylish native long and loose tunics usually stretch below the knees line and sometimes reach the ankle line.

This clothing fits the figure better, than Agbada and doesn’t require adjustments.

The Kaftan usually has long sleeves; the trousers are often seen from the same fabrics, as the top.

5. Dashiki style

The Dashiki clothing is traditionally sewn like the Agbada outfits. The main difference is the length of the attire (it doesn’t flow lower than the thighs line). Also, it is designed with a pair of prominent convenient pockets in the front.

The Dashiki is worn with full-length matching pants, but some contemporary Dashiki designs perfectly do with the shorts.

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