Nigerian wedding dresses

Nigerian wedding dresses


Modern designer wedding dresses are designed to suit various choices and preferences. But when you scroll through Instagram, you will notice that the latest wedding dresses look similar and have something in common. And that’s what we call a trend!

Fashion designers have certain ways of controlling Fashion, and contemporary bridal fashion designers take the best tips from world’s runaways in order to create the ideal outfits for that one in a life day for you!

Let’s take a close look at the latest wedding dress styles we’re betting on big for 2018!

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Lace wedding dresses

As usual, the latest designer wedding collections are all about the lace tenderness!

The lace wedding dresses are lightweight and flowing, chic, feminine, elegant and sophisticated. This is the ideal solution for those ladies, who want to look refined and exquisite. Also, you can opt for the lace details such as veil, bolero, and gloves!

Nigerian wedding dresses

Nigerian wedding dresses

2. Greek wedding dresses

It’s no surprise that Greek style wedding gowns become more and more popular: uncompromising elegance, smooth lines, comfortable cut… millions of brides from all over the world adore these outfits!

However, there is one requirement for the Greek style - the maxi-length: your dress should reach your heels. By the way, stylish designer heels go perfectly with this feminine look!

Actually, the 2018 wedding fashion season had opened the borders for the Greek style clothing: high waist outfits in white and cream colors, light tunics of free cut are the quintessence of simplicity and comfort, while the and the open shoulders add femininity to any look.

3. Cascading Shoulder Bows

You may say that the bows are nothing new and you will be absolutely right. But they did make an appearance in some unusual places, featuring in unusual ways.

We have noticed the bows in a new dimension – they are streaming down the shoulders, sometimes they dangle to the elbow and sometimes they graze the floor. Look at these dresses and you will feel that this is the new wedding trend that everyone is totally into!

Nigerian wedding dresses

Nigerian wedding dresses

4. Cold Shoulder

You have definitely seen some of the beautiful off shoulder wedding dresses, and it is pleasant to hear that this trend is gaining more popularity.

The newest trendy wedding gowns are like the off-shoulder ones that we got used to, but the thing is that there’s a sleeve and the shoulders are opened, and it looks extremely feminine and very flirty!

Nigerian wedding dresses

Nigerian wedding dresses

5. Wedding dresses with a train

Bridal train dresses are usually made of satin fabric making the dress look gorgeous and festive. The train can be fastened to the dress with hidden fasteners or buttons, and it can be easily unfastened when you don't need it!

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