Latest Ankara Styles For Men-Fashion

Latest Ankara Styles For Men-Fashion


Meeting people in Ankara outfits at the family celebrations, festivities, official parties, and business meetings have become a common thing. Thanks to the increasing interest to the fashion and trends, Ankara styles are no more just traditional clothes, rather one more variant to interpret global influences through the local culture.

Advantages of Ankara

  1. Ankara designs are very diverse thanks to limitless variations of patterns.
  2. There are conservative options represented by sole-coloured and embossed fabrics.
  3. Ankara fabric is available all over Nigeria and abroad, it is very easy to find and affordable.
  4. It can be used separately or matched with other fabrics, regardless of their type.
  5. Ankara fabric is easy to look after, in most cases wrinkle-proof.

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Modern Ankara styles for Men

Traditionally, Ankara fabric was used for Agbada (overflowing gown matched with full-length trousers), Kaftan (long tunic that stretches below the knees), and Dashiki (the thigh-length garment with two pockets). However, Ankara styles have become much more diverse. Here are some of the latest global fashion trends that work perfectly with Ankara.

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The 70s

It seems that retro style will never be out of time. Maybe it is all because everything great in fashion has been already designed, or maybe because it is so eye-catching that we are not ready to forget about the bright 60s and 70s.

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

The 90s

A slight nostalgy brings back the memories from the 90s – already distant in time but still close by the mood. The 90s are not only about full tracksuits and oversized sneakers, though you can find a way to use them, too. Focus on the solo-colored suits and animal patterns.

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Latest Ankara Styles For Men



Denim shirts, vests, and dashiki with Ankara elements are very popular nowadays. They look more original than embroidery, which is actually more common for female designs. The best thing about denim top is that it can be matched with any trousers.

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Technical jacket

A technical jacket cut doesn’t often come in Ankara fabric version. Nevertheless, there are some rare findings, just like a blue jacket on the photo below. Besides, jackets matched with T-shirts are back again on the list of the trends this season.

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

Latest Ankara Styles For Men

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Check patterns are often associated with the Brits. Nevertheless, Nigerian check Ankara styles look as impressive and recognizable as Scottish kilts. You can go with a shirt or an entire outfit in this style. The size and placement of checks are not significant.


Both vertical and horizontal stripes are in trends this season. Just remember the main rule: while vertical stripes make you look slimmer, the horizontal ones tend to add a couple of kilograms. Pay attention to this nuance before buying an outfit.


Last year, trendsetters were obsessed with floral and fauna patterns. Tropical patterns, however, are still trendy and in high demand. There is no need to remind that they look just excellent on bright Ankara fabric. Here is the proof.

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The color palette is less varied this year. Men are rather calm about the pink, which was the top pick a season or two ago. If you look for something bright currently, go with orange. Classic black and white are among the favorites along with brown outfits and tonal dressing.


You already know that the latest trends bring back convenient and practical clothes. Thus, don’t be surprised to find some Ankara shirts that tend towards a slightly sporty style. Traditional styles, however, are also in high demand, for they are out of time.

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