Ankara gown styles in Nigeria

Ankara gown styles in Nigeria


If you want to feel yourself a real fashionista, you have to pay attention to the latest trends of Ankara gown styles. If you want to feel yourself a real lady, it is quite important to take a good care of your wardrobe and to find out what dress and decor types suit you most.

With these latest Ankara gown styles and crucial tips, you will definitely look modern and fashionable!

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Ankara gown styles in Nigeria

Ankara gown styles in Nigeria

Latest Ankara gowns fashion tips to follow

• As for the unique Ankara gown styles, every lady wants to create a different look, so they play around with the gowns. It is quite interesting to add some feminine ruffles and mix various colors in order to create an astonishing look.

• The pretty flirty floral print is always here – these gowns are popular for the wedding ceremonies. Fluffy short multi-layered Ankara gowns are quite popular for wedding bridesmaid’s outfit. The gowns can also have a pocket or two, сreating an ultra special look.

• Choosing Ankara gowns with the short or long sleeves, pay attention to the fabric type that is used.

• Fitted gowns are the most popular solution of this season, especially the dress models with a turn-down collar.

• As for the length of a gown, the latest collections give a wide choice of conservative or daring solutions.

• Vivid colors and extraordinary Ankara dress styles are the primary trends!

• Pay attention to the central elements like frills, ruffles, and laces.

• When choosing a dress, opt for geometric patterns, bright tones, and correct color mixing.

• Go for the floral prints and African ethnic patterns that are always a winning solution.

• Deep cuts and slits are most suitable for the slender women, but if you have the right skills, they will look stylish and feminine on anyone.

• You can also opt for the cruise-style outfits with the main accent on the back.

• You can wear popular leather and suede leather belts with any modern outfit.

• The trendiest sleeve type is the one that is sewn like a bell.

• Striped items are also in a great demand among the modern fashionistas.

• Ankara gowns with several layers are also a very interesting solution.

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