Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)


Designed to satisfy the demands of the wide audience, Volkswagen cars are represented by a wide variety of models. There are vehicles that suit perfectly for family drives, rough off-road conditions, and exciting races with friends. These five models headline the list of the favorites among Nigerian drivers this year.

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Volkswagen Passat

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

Volkswagen Passat is perfect for traveling – weekends with kids outside the city, long-distance journeys with friends. It is spacious enough to let everyone feel comfortable and load all necessary things. The price starts from N 350,000. The advantages of the new model catch the eye immediately:

The original design – expressive LED headlamps, dynamic sidelines, extended base.

Automatic regulation of the angle of headlamps provides the ultimate visibility.

Soft internal light creates positive vibes.

Advanced safety system prevents skids and secondary cutting-ins with other cars in case of an accident.

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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf is the ultimate design standard. Every version has a unique style but impresses with the laconic exterior and rich interior. The price of this model in Nigeria starts from N 350,000. The newer models are more expensive, but the kit you get is worth it:

The dynamic and elegant design is perfectly balanced and has nothing in excess.

It is compact but not incommodious: the sporty look doesn’t influence the convenience.

The standard kit features a multifunctional steering wheel with genuine leather finishing and heating, dual-zone climate control with a carbon filter, facia panel decoration.

Composition Media system with eight speakers, big touchscreen, proximity sensor, and support of various multimedia files.

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Volkswagen Jetta

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

The well-balanced elegant style and sporty contour create the design which is always relevant and attractive. The price of a used Jetta in Nigeria starts from N 450,000. If you are looking for a newer model, get ready to pay a little more and enjoy the following features:

The eye-catching exterior design that seems out of time, laconic, with clear lines and harmonic proportions.

Fair visibility thanks to bright halide, bi-HID, and LED headlamps. Besides, they look very stylish and are perfectly matched with a radiator grill.

The commodious luggage compartment is very practical and can accommodate large-format baggage. Besides, there are built-in compartments for storing small items.

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Volkswagen Transporter

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

Top 5 Volkswagen Cars In Nigeria (Price List Included!)

Volkswagen Transporter is one of the most reliable minivans ever designed. The car has undergone relatively small changes during these years and become one of the most popular in the world thanks to the well thought out design and specifications. The price starts from N 450,000. You will enjoy:

Numerous modifications – vans, universals, models with a standard and twin-compartment cabs, etc.

Ultimate confidence – easy steering thanks to the independent wheel suspension, reliable and fuel-efficient engine, and the advanced safety system that includes ABS, EDL, ASR, MSR.

Roomy passenger compartment and spacious luggage compartment; removable seats help to modify the cabin and adjust it to the needs.

Ergonomic passenger and driver’s seat lets you feel comfortable and prevents fatigue. Moreover, sound insulation is just perfect!

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Volkswagen CC

Volkswagen CC is a premium class sedan which debuted in 2011 in Los Angeles as the restyled Passat version. This is not a budget model – the price of CC in Nigeria starts from N 1,900,000. These are some of the features you get.

The basic kit includes bi-xenon headlights, front seat heating, fog lights, a multifunctional steering wheel with genuine leather finishing.

Massaging seats, Blind Spot Monitor, pathway tracking system, and road signs recognition system come as an extra.

Side Assist Plus and Dynamic Light Assist systems help to prevent the potential danger and provide the maximum vision without blinding other drivers at night.

Adaptive cruise control ensures smooth drive, and climate control system together with excellent sound insulation guarantees a comfortable cabin environment.

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