Beautiful houses in Nigeria

Beautiful houses in Nigeria


In this article, we will give a characteristic of three famous Nigerian houses design styles: modern style, American style, and country style.

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Modern design

Beautiful houses in Nigeria

Beautiful houses in Nigeria

The design of the interior and the house, executed in a modern style, in many ways is similar to other popular styles: high-tech and minimalism, for example. The main features of the interior in modern style:

clear and simple lines;


the main focus is made not on the interior items, but on the space;

the geometric nature of the forms (the furniture should not be bulky, it should be one-tone, there shouldn`t be sophisticated forms);

functionality, both in technology and in furniture and layout.

American style

Beautiful houses in Nigeria

Beautiful houses in Nigeria

The American style is democratic, despite it looks luxurious. The modern version of this style is based on the abundance of technology, free layouts and functionality. In order to make it cheaper, it is allowed to use analogs of expensive natural materials.

The main features of the American style interior:

lot of space (open layout of premises, larger living space, an organization of the interior around the axis, located in the center);

loyal and eclectic color scheme (classic combination of brown and white shades or contrasting combinations, for example, white with red and dark brown, or blue, white and sand, etc.);

Country style