How to sell your house in Nigeria

How to sell your house in Nigeria


Selling a house is a serious and responsible matter since we are talking about the large sums of money and housing itself. If you don’t want to lose your time and money, you need to clearly understand how to sell a house quickly and profitably.

In this case, not only the sale itself is important, but also the pre-sale preparation that influences the outcome of the negotiations!

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1. The price

The price is a crucial aspect: the more adequate it is, the easier and faster the realtors and buyers will be able to make the decisions!

How to sell your house in Nigeria

How to sell your house in Nigeria

2. The first impression

• The first impression is the strongest! Make the interior and the exterior of your house impressive!

• Upgrade the interior and exterior. Install new lamps, paint the walls and the ceiling, upgrade the area around the house.

• Remove all the unnecessary things and excess furniture. The fewer things will stay in the interior, the better, cleaner and spacious it will look!

• All chandeliers and lamps should be working – there should be enough of light in the interior. Install the bulbs of greater power when the clients come to check the house.

• Repair everything that is broken. The cracks in the window pane may not bother you, but it gives the impression that the landlord is careless about servicing the house.

• Create an image of a comfortable and rational home. If you have a room, that has no specific role, you need to come up with it. For example, a large niche in the kitchen can become an office space or a storeroom section, or you can turn a room in the attic into a gym. If the house does not have a garage, mention that there is a room for storing winter tires.

• Be ready to show the house at any time. The more flexible you are, the more people will be able to see your home.

• Leave the house when the realtor shows it to the clients. Give them the opportunity to imagine that they live in this house!

• Eliminate odors. Wipe the floor, wash the sinks and toilets and ventilate the room.

How to sell your house in Nigeria

How to sell your house in Nigeria