Sitting Room Painting Design In Nigeria

Sitting Room Painting Design In Nigeria


A sitting room is the center of every home. It is a place for guest and family meetings. By designing the interior, you work on creating the cozy atmosphere, where everyone will fill welcome and comfortable.

Sitting Room Painting Design In Nigeria

Sitting Room Painting Design In Nigeria

Choosing a color palette

Mind the size of a room. Dark colors suit better for spacious rooms, light colors are better for small rooms.

Decide which color will be used as the dominant. It may be the prevailing or the brightest color.

If the furniture is massive, the color palette should be calm and light.

If you have got big windows, go with bright colors and deep shades.

Go with different shades of one color with smooth transitions between them.

Use a universal color (white, black, gray, beige) with a bright and contrasting one.

One color should prevail, the others come as supplementary.

Sitting Room Painting Design In Nigeria

Sitting Room Painting Design In Nigeria

Painting ideas


Let’s start with the variations of white, cream, and beige. Using these light shades helps to create light and airy space. Bright accents in supplementary colors and furniture items will emphasize the fresh design. White color blends perfectly with all other colors.


Green color is relaxing, so a green sitting room is a perfect place to spend your evening after a hard working day. If you decide to go with dark green or olive, make sure the room is lighted well. Choose copper, wooden, and yellow shades as supplementary.


A yellow sitting room always looks warm and sunny. It is a perfect option for a room lacking the natural lighting. The sunlight, however, will make the colors even more saturated. Just don’t load it with the abundance of bright accessories.


You should be careful with red paint. The strive to originality may play a low-down trick and turn a room into aggressive bright space, where you will feel uncomfortable. The red color looks good when combined with a contrasting light-grey wall, light furniture or curtains.


Some consider blue color melancholic but it is a popular choice among designers. As a rule, it is matched with white, beige, and black accents – they help to make the interior less cold. Yellow and orange accessories and details may work out, too.


Creative people often choose a purple interior. Just remember that purple balances on the verge between warm red and cold blue specters. The properly chosen lighting, both natural and artificial, helps to maintain the balance. Match purple with white, beige, grey, and coffee shades.


A black sitting room isn’t always gloomy and dark. Painting walls black is not an easy decision to make. However, with little professional help, you will get a stylish and extraordinary room. Furnishing the room with white furniture will help to create a perfect place for relaxation.