Many Nigerians are dreaming of living in Abuja or Lagos, but these are the most expensive cities in Nigeria, and they lack affordable housing. So people look for the cheapest cities with affordable housing. However, at the same time, these places shouldn’t be awful to live in!

Fortunately, there are several towns to offer low-cost living and housing with a thriving economy, political stability, many opportunities for earning money and investment and laid back lifestyle!

Here are the 5 cheapest Nigerian towns to live in.

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Affordable housing in Nigeria-Real Estate

Affordable housing in Nigeria-Real Estate

1. Ikot Ekpene

‘Raffia City’ is famous for its commercial life and is known as the center of the raffia business: here, the exports of ground crops & palm products come cheap.

As for the housing, it is quite affordable and the new apartment buildings offer all the amenities you will need.

The neighboring areas of the town have good traffic interchange.

2. Aba

Aba is the most popular area in Eastern Nigeria; cement, plastics, textiles, cosmetics has contributed to the town’s affordability repute. The town is the greatest market in West Africa and this is the reason why business people and fashion-savvy people come here for exportation/importation of goods.

The food is very inexpensive here, because there are many villages nearby.

If you are ready to move to a peaceful and quiet Aba city, you will find plenty of low-cost housing. There are many affordable houses for sale here, even for the people with a median household income.

Affordable housing in Nigeria-Real Estate

Affordable housing in Nigeria-Real Estate

3. Ibadan

Gone are those days when Ibadan was just an ancient Nigerian city: today, it is an excellent place to inhabit, comparing to the high costs of living in Lagos and other big towns.

You will find various affordable amenities in the city: the older city buildings have been renovated. Now the low-cost housing and high-quality living standards are attracting many Nigerians to move to Ibadan.

The city offers a vibrant nightlife and inexpensive public transportation.

4. Ikom

Ikom is a small city, but the life here is a bit more expensive than in the cities mentioned above. Т\Иге it is still cheaper than you may expect.

Due to the mass renovations and tourist attractions, it has become the center of interest for many people from all around Nigeria. Come and take a look at the Ikom Monoliths (Nigeria’s Stonehenge), Ikom town beach, Afi rainforest, and Agbokim Waterfall – and you will feel that this is an excellent place to live!

The town has nearly everything a Nigerian man could want, from inexpensive fresh foods to affordable housing and pleasant environment. Also/ you can find another peaceful place to live in Obudu Cattle Ranch, that is not so far away from Ikom town.

5. Ilorin

Prices in Ilorin are even cheaper for some things than in the areas mentioned above. The town is very beautiful, with plenty of amazing historical relics, tourist attractions, high-level educational facilities, and health facilities.

There are many opportunities in the city, and many businesses companies have boosted here? Because the town is one of the centers that attract both investors and entrepreneurs.

The housing in Ilorin is very affordable, it is incredibly cheap to rent an excellent modern apartment.

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