Apple products have millions of fans around the world and a cult-like following. Apple laptops are among the most expensive Apple devices you can own, but those who had already bought a laptop from Apple couldn’t be happier with their design and productivity. Find out how much Apple laptop costs in Nigeria!

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Apple Laptop Price In Nigeria 2018-Electronics

Apple Laptop Price In Nigeria 2018-Electronics

1. 5 reasons to choose Apple laptops

You may have heard a lot about Apple laptops being the best portable computers you can own, but what exactly makes them so great? Here are 5 reasons you’re guaranteed to enjoy your MacBook user experience.

Apple laptops are among the most portable devices available today: they are not only very slim and elegant-looking, but they are also famously lightweight, making them perfect for carrying around every day.

The native OS installed on MacBooks has everything you need from a computer, and it’s super easy to install Windows as your second OS if you need to.

Apple devices are always praised for their security, and MacBooks are considerably better at protecting your data than PC laptops.

The design of the MacOS is intuitive and easy to adapt to, so even if you’ve worked with Windows your whole life, you’ll have no problem learning to work in MacOS.

Apple laptops have very strong batteries: depending on the model, you can get between 9 and 12 hours of active use on a single charge.

Apple Laptop Price In Nigeria 2018-Electronics

Apple Laptop Price In Nigeria 2018-Electronics

2. Apple laptop price in Nigeria

Right now there are 3 Apple laptop models available: the MacBook, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro. Each model is available in a variety of configurations, which obviously influences the prices. Here are some prices for MacBooks today in Nigeria:

Apple MacBook Air, 13-inch, Core I5 1.8GHz, 8GB, 256GB - ₦750,000

Apple MacBook, 12-inch, 8GB, 256GB - ₦580,000

Apple MacBook Pro, 13.3-inch, Retina display, Core I5, 8GB, 512GB - ₦660,000

Apple MacBook Air, 13.3-inch, 1.6GHz, 8GB, 128GB - ₦350,000

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 15-inch, Core I7, 16GB, 256GB - ₦750,000

Apple MacBook, 15.4-inch, Retina display, Core I7, 16GB, 512GB - ₦830,000

Apple iMac, 21.5-inch, Retina 4K display, Core I5, 8GB, 1TB - ₦890,000

These are the prices for brand new and most recent Apple laptops. If your budget is smaller than that, you can always go for a slightly older used MacBook - they often come in excellent condition and are perfect for work and entertainment. Save money on your Apple laptop purchase with Jiji!

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