The interior design of a city apartment and private house are two different things. In the first case, the design of the room is not in any way connected with the external appearance of the building. In the second case, the exterior must correspond to the internal style. And this is not the only difference. How to design your own country house in order to make it comfortable and beautiful?

One of the highlights is a large area. Many people can be even confused with that. But if you take a closer look, it turns out that a country house has fewer partitions than a city apartment has. And this means that there will not be many problems with the repair. Another important factor characteristic to large country buildings is the presence of large (sometimes panoramic) windows.

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It imposes its imprint on the choice of style inside a private house. If the house is two-story or with a mansard, then one has to think carefully about how to place the staircase harmoniously. But there is a main general advantage: it is possible to "rearrange" the internal premises as you like, without any permissive documents.

In the small dacha, the main task is the need to arrange comfortable living conditions and an aesthetically appealing interior on a specific and relatively limited area. What should you do in this case?

Think about what's going to be superfluous in your house. In a small house it is not necessary to equip a gym: if the need for constant training is present, you can equip a modest place for a bike. Remove extra partitions: combine the kitchen and the living room or the office and the bedroom: it will give you more space.

Modern house designs in Nigeria-Real Estate

Modern house designs in Nigeria-Real Estate

Think over the multifunctionality of items. Buy a wardrobe that reaches the ceiling - it will save you lots of space. Also, when arranging the kitchen it is recommended to purchase built-in equipment. Also, if you do not use the oven, the cooking hob may be quite sufficient. Used hinged shelves, rails (hooks for kitchen utensils), which partially replace the bulky shelves.

The interior of a country house should be cozy and comfortable: this is the main thing to remember when choosing a style. In this case, the interior will correspond to landscapes, which calms down and make you forget about all those urban stresses and vanity.

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