Diversity is our favorite feature of Ankara styles. Just like there are no two people with identical fingerprints, there are no two identical Ankara outfits. You may draw inspiration from the images you find on the web or celebrity looks but the pattern on the fabric will always add the element of surprise.

Plain and pattern Ankara styles emphasize this flexibility and strive for experiments. It turns out that you can safely combine sole-colored material with bright patterns in numerous ways, even experiment with fabrics and textures, and come up with an outfit with a perfectly balanced color scheme and design.

Today you will see some of our favorite plain and pattern Ankara styles. The simplest decision is to pair Ankara and ordinary black or white T-shirts. However, below you will find more original outfits ideas. Just scroll down and pick your favorite.

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Long gowns

Ladies like to use Ankara as the element of adornment. If you like the bright fabric but it seems particolored or even horsy for a particular occasion, it is not a reason to forget about Ankara. Just combine African patterns with sole-colored Ankara or even knit-wear.

Adding an Ankara detail to long sole-colored dresses makes them look much more original. Besides, such solution helps to turn the spotlight on particular details, emphasizing the curves of the figure or distracting attention from the weaknesses.

Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles-Fashion

Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles-Fashion

Short gowns

You can easily find the short straight and flare dresses, models with sleeves and off-shouldered designs. All of those come in plain and pattern styles. Forget the stereotypes about retro style – it is not the only one to use bright colors for the outfits.

There are short plain and pattern Ankara styles for all occasions: everyday outfits, parties, even formal meetings. Designers and style experts don’t limit themselves to a particular set of designs. On the contrary, they prove the versatility of short plain and pattern Ankara styles.

Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles-Fashion

Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles-Fashion

Skirt & blouse

Plain and pattern Ankara styles can turn even good old classics into the uncommon and completely original look. If you are tired of matching base fabric and laces, there’s a chance to make skirt & top look less beaten even without changing the classic cut. Again, there aren’t limits for the color palette.


Mixing plain fabric and bright patterns is all about experiments and breaking the rules. It is an opportunity to turn an ordinary dress into an eye-catching piece of clothing and make a jacket with asymmetric cut appropriate for everyday wear.

There are no rules for combining the plain with the patterned. Here are a couple of examples.

Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles-Fashion

Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles-Fashion

Feel free to experiment and create designs for your own outfits. When it comes to plain & pattern styles, you can mix what seemed impossible to combine and come up with something absolutely amazing. If you are ready to start, pick Ankara fabric on Jiji.ng. If not, just open Fashion section and look for what we’ve got here.

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