Every year beautiful Ankara styles for women not only maintain their popularity among Nigerian fashionistas, but also get more advanced and gorgeous. 2018 gave us thousands of Ankara outfits to admire, and here is the latest top 10 of Ankara styles.

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Latest Ankara Styles 2018: The Top 10-Fashion

Latest Ankara Styles 2018: The Top 10-Fashion

1. Ankara peplum top

Ankara and peplum are two styles that always go hand in hand, so it’s not surprising that they often meet in new Ankara styles. This peplum Ankara top is fabulous on its own, but the matching Ankara headscarf elevates the whole look.

2. Ankara pink gown

The best way to make your favorite Ankara fabric truly shine is to pair it with a different material: check out the way the pink satin of the dress highlights the beauty of the Ankara pattern!

3. Ankara trousers

Wide-legged palazzo trousers came back into vogue this year, and, naturally, they were destined to get the Ankara treatment. These Ankara palazzo trousers are one of the must-haves of the season.

Latest Ankara Styles 2018: The Top 10-Fashion

Latest Ankara Styles 2018: The Top 10-Fashion

4. Long-sleeved Ankara dress

Sometimes it’s best to let your Ankara pattern do the talking while keeping the rest of the dress silhouette understated. The cut of this long-sleeved bodycon dress couldn’t be a better fit for Ankara.

5. Ankara maxi dress

This year Ankara has been used in plenty of fabulous maxi dresses, but this creation won us over both with the cute pattern and flattering cut of the gown.

6. Ankara coat dress

Inspired by the royal fashion, many Nigerian ladies decided to add an elegant coat dress to their collections, and there is no better way to express your personality through a dress than to make it from Ankara fabric.

7. Ankara and lace dress

If you love Ankara and lace so much that you can’t choose just one for your new dress, the good news is that you can rock both in one beautiful Ankara and lace gown!

8. Ankara jumpsuit

Ankara fabric is a fantastic choice for special occasions, but it can also become a great addition to your casual wardrobe - for example, if you use it for a cute Ankara jumpsuit that looks so good with flats.

9. Mix and match Ankara

Mix and match Ankara styles that feature two patterns can hardly surprise anyone these days, but when you have three patterns in one dress, it’s a sign of a truly stylish person.

10. Off-shoulder Ankara dress

This summer off-shoulder dresses were all the rage in Nigerian fashion, and we especially love this vibrant sapphire blue gown.

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