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The Meghan Effect: 10 Brands Whose Sales Skyrocketed In Recent Years Because Of Meghan Markle

Since Meghan Markle became engaged to Prince Harry, she became a global fashion icon. The Royal’s influence in the fashion world has been so great that it is being dubbed the ‘Meghan effect’.

Her conservative yet colourful fashion choices, which ranged from California brands to UK fashion brands, have been an inspiration to most and have translated to increased sales for brands whose products have been associated with the Duchess.

Meghan’s effect, which is being monitored through online shopping, has reflected in demand of the brands. Items that the Duchess has been associated will definitely skyrocket.

We found 10 ten brands which have had way better sales recently as a result of the Meghan effect.

  1. Aritzia

Canadian fashion brand, Aritzia, is Meghan’s favorite affordable fashion brand. The Duchess has been seen wearing outfits from the cloth line on multiple occasions: she donned the Wilfred Beaune dress to last summer’s Invictus Games in Toronto, she has worn the Babaton Amos dress belt twice and also wore the Babaton Lawson Trench coat to the Invictus Games team trials in April.

Consumer search for Aritzia had surged by 68%, and the company’s net income had jumped by 51.2%. The company’s analysts attributed the surge to Meghan’s influence as items which the Duchess had worn received more demands than others. Their biggest demands came from Babaton Lawson Trench Coat which she had worn to the Invictus Games in April. The coat sold out in 6 hours after the Duchess was seen wearing it.

  1. Mackage

Most of Meghan’s choice of clothing brands are from Canada, her roots. The Duchess is well known for showcasing Canadian brands and her effect in the fashion world is beginning to have a Canadian ripple.

Mackage is one Canadian fashion brand that has benefitted from the former actress’ influence. After donning a sand color $790 MAI coat of the brand while visiting Ireland, the company got 1.6 billion social media impressions. The coat quickly sold out (especially the sand color), and preorders were still being made on the brand’s website.

  1. Orton

An Australian fashion luxury accessories company, Orton, also has the Duchess of Sussex to thank for improved sales. The company which is known for its leather accessories had a bad year in 2017. In November 2017, the company fell into involuntary administration (an early form of bankruptcy) unable to pay debts due to low sales recorded.

However, their sales improved in 2018, after Meghan wore one of their striped navy and white bag for the Commonwealth Youth Forum in April 2018, the bag sold out immediately. The sales recorded from the sale of the £171 ($221) Avalon zip-top bag definitely improved the financial situation at the company and might just go on to even save them from bankruptcy

  1. Hiut Denim

Welsh small scale jeans firm, Hiut Denim, has greatly profited from the exposure they’ve received due to Meghan constantly adorning their brand. The firm experienced a boost in sales and online demands after she wore their jeans on her visit to Cardiff, Wales early in 2018. Demands skyrocketed so high that the firm had to move on to a larger factory and employ more hands in order to deal with the large order and an already three-month waiting list.

5 Strathberry

Another small based fashion company that has dramatically profited from Meghan Markle’s exposure is the Scottish accessory label, Strathberry.

The Duchess has been seen wearing the brand’s bags on three different occasions including her official visit to Edinburgh. Before donning the bag, the brand was relatively unknown, but like with all things the Duchess wear, the £495 bag sold out within 11 minutes.

The brand now has double the staff size it had in 2017 and even expanded to have a standalone shop in London.

  1. Outland Denim

The Duchess is known for her love for denims, and one of her favorite brands happen to be Outland Denims. While on tour in Australia, Meghan wore a casual pair of Outland denims on two separate occasions.

The brandwhich aims at supporting young seamstresses in the industry by providing livable wages and fair working conditions had to employ 30 more dressmakers to be able to cope with the demands they were getting after the duchess gave the brand more than enough publicity.

  1. Serena Williams

A female tennis legend Serena Williams started a fashion label with the same name in May 2018. The ex world #1, who has been friends with Meghan since 2010, got her clothing lines endorsed by the Duchess soon after.

The Duchess wore a Serena blazer while on her recent tour in Australia. The blazer soon sold out online. Serena supported the friend with her tweets and encouraged royal fans to patronize her brand. The blazer is still been sold out in different sizes.

8 Karen Gee

Despite being pregnant, the ‘Meghan’s effect’ hasn’t waned. A lot of brands has seen a lot of publicity on exposure by the Duchess. One of such brands is the Australian Karen Gee.

The Australian designer broke into the limelight when Meghan wore a white shift dress made by the designer on the first day of her Australian tour. The brand’s web page saw a lot of traffic that day, leading the site to crash several times. The $1,285 dress is now featured on the homepage of the designer’s website.

  1. Veja

French footwear brand, Veja, is known for using organic materials like biodegradable rubber, recycled plastic, tilapia skin and a leather-like material made from curdled milk to craft its unique products. The brand is one of the environmentally-conscious brands to be given publicity by the Duchess.

Meghan wore white and black Veja sneakers while sailing with Prince Harry during the Invictus Games in Sydney. Soon after the Duchess was pictured donning the sneakers, it sold out online, and the brand experienced a spike in social media numbers.

1 Clare Waight Keller

Meghan Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress is one of the most iconic royal wedding dress of recent times. The Duchess had the dress designed and customized by designer Clare Waight Keller. The dress which featured a flower from the 53 Commonwealth countries in England on its custom-made veil propelled the designer to stardom.

According to Vogue, the designer would be in lifelong demands for her designs because of her work on the dress and Givenchy won itself more fans to its already made brand.

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Since Meghan Markle became engaged to Prince Harry, she became a global fashion icon. The Royal’s influence in the fashion world has been so great that it is being dubbed the ‘Meghan effect.’ Her conservative yet colorful fash…


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