5 Things That Are Better Now Because of Trump

5 Things That Are Better Now Because of Trump

By  rumourjuice.com

It's been over a year since Mr. Trump assumed office as the president of the United States of America. How well has he done?

Many Americans thought the Trump presidency would result in anything but positive. But it's safe to say that Trump hasn’t been all bad. As a matter of facts, his presidency has made a lot of clarifications and has strengthened a number of institutions that needed a wake-up call.

Here are a few things that have gotten better since Trump assumed office.

1.) The United States Congress

For so many decades, Americans have been operating under the notion, that presidents alone run the federal government, while the Congress follow their agenda.

However, that’s not actually how the Constitution works. While presidents still have the power to influence legislation, both the enactment and repeal of laws can be done by the legislative.

Under the leadership of Donald Trump, the Congress seems to have realized that they are an equal branch of government.

The United States Congress

The United States Congress

only by the people’s representatives in the House and Senate. In this past year, members of Congress finally seem to have awoken to the fact that Congress is an equal branch of government. They don’t always have to follow Trump’s agenda. Early this year, Congress passed a Russia sanctions bill the president opposed—and dared him to veto it. Some legislators have loudly rebuked the administration of their own party on numerous occasions—an act largely unthinkable during the Bush and Obama years.

In December 2017, Louisiana’s Republican Senator John Kennedy completely humiliated an unqualified judicial nominee put forward by the Trump White House. That said nominee was forced to withdraw.