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Exciting Details About The Casting Of The Long Nights, A Prequel To Game Of Thrones Series

GOT has been watched worldwide and has atracted a large fan base since its inception in 2010. It’s been a thrilling ride so far, and HBO has us on the edge of our seats for the season finale which would be released next year.

The television network is one to tease a lot. While we are still struggling to wait for the finale as they have plainly refused to release many details of the finale, they revealed that a prequel of the series is also in production.

Considering the success of the television series, it’s ideal that they give us a neckline story to the very beginning. Who wouldn’t want to know a detailed story of the origin of  The Wall, The White Walkers, the Seven Kingdoms or probably see more dragons roam around Westeros? While we would be delighted to know more about the prequel, HBO are as usual very secretive about the movie. But we got ten juicy details about the casting of the prequel that you’d want to know

  1. Naomi Watts Has Been Cast For The Prequel

HBO officially revealed this detail themselves. According to the television network, the King Kong and Gypsy actress would lead the cast ensemble for the prequel. We do not know any more details about the actress’ character except that she would be playing the role of a “charismatic socialite with a dark secret” typical of most GOT characters.

Naomi was definitely a strong choice for the casting as we expect her presence on the set to garner a lot more than just Game of Thrones and A Song of Fire and Ice fans.

  1. Josh Whitehouse Is Also Expected To Star In The Film

Josh Whitehouse of Poldark and Alleycats has also been revealed to join the cast. This was made known by HBO shortly after revealing that Naomi Watts would lead the ensemble. Unlike Naomi, there are no details of the actor’s role in The Long Nights, so we would just be content with guessing who he might be playing.

Obviously, a strong male character, we might get to see Josh playing Bran the builder or probably Azor Ahai. Whatever his role in the movie is, we bet he would be as adorable as the Jon Snow character in the prequel.

  1. It Would Feature The First Starks

HBO’s The Long Nights have its settings years before Ned or Robb Stark. One of the details about the movie’s description revealed it’d be set to feature the first Starks. Given it’s setting and the inclusion of the Wall, we would most likely be seeing a Stark ancestor, and Bran the builder, who existed during the Age of the Heroes, around the same time.

Bran was an important figure not just in the Stark household but in the whole of Westeros as well. The builder is known for creating many of the region’s landmarks including the Storm’s end and the Wall.

  1. It Would Also Feature Various Members Of The First Men

Well given that we are expecting to see some members of the first Stark men, it’s only right that we get to see the founders of other important houses like House Lannister or House Gardener of the Reach.

Like its predecessor, The Long Nights is expected to have a very large cast ensemble of  first Stark men, members of other families might make appearances as well and we might just be sure that the White Walkers and children of the Forest would play important roles as well.

  1. Original Members of The GOT Series Are Highly Unlikely To Make A Return Appearance

The Long Nights are set thousands of years before GOT, so it is highly unlikely that any of our favorite actor or actress on the show would make an appearance in the movie So there probably won’t be any Arya, Cersei, Daenerys or Jon Snow, however, there might be a few exceptions.

If the creators of the show decide to travel through time, we might just get to see Bran Stark aka The Three-Eyed Raven as he capable of projecting himself through time, but that’s just a likelihood as another Three-Eyed Raven existed before Bran, and one seer might just be enough for the film. Vladimir Furdik could also make an appearance as the Night King as his creation was slated around the same period as The Long Nights.

  1. Azor Ahai Could Be The Center Character

This is an educated guess as not much is known about the movie. But it is a possibility that the show could be centered around Azor Ahai. The character was the legendary warrior that ended the war with the White Walkers. References of Azor and his sword, the Lightbringer, had been made in GOT series with Melisandre describing him as the savior.

The Red Priestess believed Stannis Baratheon and later Jon Snow were reincarnations of the warrior. With his references in GOT, connections to the White Walkers and period around which the plot of The Long Nights is set, Azor might be the major character although we have absolutely no idea who would be cast for the role.

  1. It Would Feature The White Walkers

One major detail about The Long Nights is that it would include the origin story of the White Walkers. They may be the villains in GOT but the show’s creators are certain that the White Walkers’ origin story would be fascinating to a lot of GOT fans. With a hint towards the first great war between the humans and the White Walkers, be sure to see numerous people cast for White Walker roles.

  1. Children Of The Forest Are Also Tipped To Feature

Revealed details of the prequel include the origin stories of the White Walkers, and the first great war between the humans and the White Walkers. It’s really doesn’t take a genius to figure out how the Children of the Forest fit into this movie.

The woodland creatures possess a variety of magical gifts which allowed them to assist the humans in defeating the White Walkers during the war. With little details about them revealed in GOT it’s hard to know if the cast that played the roles in GOT would be making a reprisal return for The Long Nights.

  1. A More Diverse Cast Ensemble

A cast breakdown revealed by HBO reveals that The Long Nights is going to feature a more diverse cast ensemble than the Game of Thrones. The movie is set to feature a lot of casts across different ages, races, and genders.

This is an improvement on the cast ensemble of GOT as a lot of fans were concerned about the lack of diversity. The movie creators are currently looking for Caucasian actresses between the ages of 28 and 34, and a black actor between the age of 50 and 63  for a regular roles.

  1. Strong Female Characters

For some feminist, the use of the phrase “a strong female character” would be archaic but gender equality is still trying to find its place in today’s modern society. Although it could have just been easily termed a strong character, HBO is currently looking to continue the tradition of creating important female roles that would make any actor jealous.

We already know Naomi Watts is starring in the series, but we might as well expect other actresses to play important roles in The Long Nights.

Note: One more exciting GOT story is just one swipe away from you!


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