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Celebrities Couples Who Confirmed Their Relationship On Red Carpet – RJ

Some celebrities love being secretive about their relationships and personal lives in general. We cannot really blame them because putting out your personal business can sometimes do more harm than good in some cases. However, we are not living under the rocks, as we know who is with who, and who would soon be with who. While fans respect their celebrity’s choices, they also want to know who he or she is dating at the moment. If they are straight or gay and some other personal things about them. You cannot really blame fans, especially when they are die-hard fans of these celebrities. We have had cases of celebrities revealing their relationships on social media and on red carpets, which is the most common way celebrities reveal their relationships. When you see your favorite celebrity walk into an event arm-in-arm with a beautiful lady and when the camera lights are shining bright like a diamond, they kiss each other passionately. That has to tell you that they are together and have just confirmed it. We have 13 celebrities who have done this in the past, and fans were shocked at their revelation.

Kate Hudson & Danny Fujikawa

Although fans were surprised at how this couple publicly told everyone they were in love, it was quite obvious for several months that, that ship had sailed a long time ago. They attended the premiere of a.movie titled ‘Snatched’ together in May 2017. While they were on the red carpet, they showed  displays of love and affection to tell everyone that they were a couple, and one year into the relationship, this ship is still sailing. Soon, they would be parents to a beautiful baby girl, and fans are excited and expectant.

Natalie Dyer & Charlie Heaton

These stars are both members of the cast crew of a series titled ‘Stranger Things,’ and this was where they met each other for the first time. In 2017, they attended ‘The Fashion Awards,’ which was held in London, England and they let the cat out of the bag at the event. It was quite expectant because the way they play their love interests caharacter in the series, makes fans wonder if they were truly made for each other. It has been months since they decided to go public with their relationship, and they are still going strong.

Selena Gomez & The Weeknd

Fans had their eyes on these two celebrities because everyone wanted to know if Weeknd was next in line for Gomez. The singer had been in an unstable relationship with singer,  Justin Bieber, and people felt it was time for a change. Gomez and Weeknd were spotted in several cities on vacations, and they looked quite lovely together. However, it was not until in 2017, that the couple announced that they were dating when they attended the ‘Met Gala’ together. After publicly revealing their relationship, the couple split up in October of the same year.

Hailey Baldwin & Shawn Mendes

In late 2017, cute rumors of this couple had begun to spread throughout the social media platforms. Some people were quite sure that something was going on between the two, while others were skeptical, as they wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth. Well, they did not have to wait long as the duo made an appearance officially at the ‘Met Gala Awards’ in 2018. Here, they confirmed that there was chemistry between them and fans were excited.

Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus

There were rumors of this couple being a thing, while she was still involved with Joshua Jackson. We have no idea if this was true, but the fact that she broke up with Jackson some months later and ended up with Reedus says a lot. In that same year, she was spotted with Reedus, and the duo visited Costa Rica together in 2018. This heated up the rumors, and finally, they confirmed that they were a couple when they both attended the ‘Golden Globe Awards’ in 2018.

Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart

These co-stars of ‘Riverdale’ tried their best to keep everyone out of their business, but they were not successful with this mission. Once fans want to find out information, they know how to go about it, and the couple soon realized that. In 2018, they attended the ‘Met Gala’ and while on the red carpet, they confirmed wants fans wanted them to confirm for over a year. They both looked amazing, and many fans feel like they were truly made for each other. Reinhart looked really happy, just like her ‘Riverdale’ character.

Katharine McPhee & David Foster

This couple made their debut at the ‘Met Gala’ 2018 while they were on the red carpet and were interviewed by the host. They announced to everyone that they were truly in a relationship, but before that, they had been very good friends. The first time they met each other was in 2006, and they became friends right away. At the time that they met each other, McPhee was contesting to win the 2006 ‘American Idol.’

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

After months of keeping the news away from fans, they finally told everyone that they were dating in 2015 when they attended the ‘MTV VMAs.’ No one saw this coming, just as no one saw their split coming a year later. After their public breakup which was a bit brutal on both parties, Swift quickly found a rebound relationship with Tom Hiddleston. The breakup between Swift and Harris was quite bad because they went into a words battle on Twitter and fans were unhappy about this. Their love life no doubt sank deep into the ocean.

Elon Musk & Grimes

Elon and this Canadian singer, Claire Elise Boucher, popularly known as Grimes made their debut in 2018 on the ‘Met Gala’ red carpet. Musk was formerly dating Amber Heard, but the two broke it off, and he started dating Grimes. Although few people knew about this relationship at first, because at the time they announced it, they had been dating for some months. They hooked up right after joking with each other on Twitter about artificial intelligence. Appearing on ‘Met Gala’ red carpet together was all fans needed to confirm the rumors that had been circulating a few months ago.

Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost

Jost is an actor on a television show known as ‘Saturday Night Live.’ He met Johansson in 2017, and they distanced themselves from the public for a while. However, in April 2018, they felt it was time to let the world know what was going on and put fans out of their misery. They made their red carpet debut this year when they attended the premiere of Johansson’s movie titled ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ They also made a red carpet debut when they were spotted at the ‘Met Gala’ red carpet in 2018. There you have it guys, Johansson has finally found love again.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

These celebrities tried to dodge the rumors that were circulating around them for a while, but in early 2011, they finally told fans that they were in a relationship. They looked quite cute together, so fans were happy about their union. They had many red carpet debuts, but the first was at the ‘Vanity Fair’s’ Oscar party. Gomez and Bieber looked like the perfect couple, but all that soon vanished after a while. They had been on and off for years now, but in 2017, they finally called it quits.

Chris Evans & Jenny Slate

They made their relationship known to the public at the premiere of a movie titled ‘Secret Life Of Pets.’ in early 2016. The first time they met each other was on set of a movie drama titled ‘Gifted.’ They dated for a while, and eight months later, they called it quits. In November 2017, they found their way back to each other, but this did not.last again, as they recently broke up in March 2018.

Jay Z & Beyonce

This couple is still going strong, and they have three beautiful kids to be proud of. But before all this, let’s find out what happened. Apparently, the two had been dating for a while, and this was partially confirmed when Beyonce gave Jay Z a shout out in her speech, after receiving the award for best female video. However, they made their first red carpet debut in 2004, when they attended the ‘MTV VMAs,’ together. Fans were excited that the duo decided to be together and till this present moment, they are identified as couple goals.


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