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12 Remarkable Celebrity Weddings That Totally Amazed Us

Wedding ceremonies are always so beautiful. The fact that, no two weddings are likely to be the same because of the special preferences of each couple (more like the bride), is what makes the eveamazing. Then there is the budget that is being worked with, which majorly sets the tempo for how the event would turn out.

But regardless of these peculiarities, some modi operandi are usually adhered to, in conducting wedding ceremonies. However, some celebrities have totally wowed us by taking this uniqueness a notch higher with how unexpectedly their big day turned out.

From Britney Spears to Katy Perry, see the celebrities who broke protocol when it came to their weddings.

  1. Britney Spears

We are starting this list with a throwback to 2004, when the reigning pop star at the time – Britney Spears got married to her backup dancer, Kevin Federline, on the 22nd of September. The uncommon element of this ceremony was not because it was done in a private home, but that, all the guests that were invited, had no clue that they were about to attend a wedding ceremony and not an engagement party. Well, you can say it is pretty close as the dresses worn to the event wouldn’t have been totally off, but as they got in, they got a card that read:

“Surprise! It is with much love that we welcome you to our wedding ceremony tonight.”

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

When it comes to the fashionista, and ‘Sex In The City’ star actress – Sarah Jessica Parker, we definitely didn’t expect her bridal dress to be normal. So, she married a fellow actor – Matthew Broderick on the 19th of May 1997. The ceremony was kept a secret and took place in a vintage synagogue in Manhattan, but that wasn’t the major unconventional bit of the day- Sarah’s dress was. She was clad in a black Morgane Le Fay dress, which she said she casually got from a store, prior to the day.

  1. Nicole Richie

As for the daughter of the legendary music artiste Lionel Richie – Nicole Richie who got married to the ‘Good Charlotte’ star Joel Madden. The world expected the ceremony to be a really wild one with the way they both are, so the calm ambiance was definitely a unique one. However, the uniqueness actually began when the bride changed into three different dresses through the ceremony. Then there was a live elephant present with a headdress on, which she said was for good luck.

  1. Brad Paisley

So many people in the world have crushes on movie stars, but only a few get to date them and actually marry them. Country star – Brad Paisley is one of such very lucky ones. Apparently, he had a crush on Kimberly Williams from the time he saw her in the movie -‘Father of the Bride.’ Soon after, they were married on the 15th of March, 2003. Just as the surprise stunt that Britney Spears pulled on her wedding, this couple went a little farther, as they told guests to come for their wedding rehearsal in jeans. It was there and then that Kimberly revealed her wedding dress and let them know it was a wedding.

  1. Jon Bon Jovi

When it comes to rock stars, we have learned over time, not to expect a regular wedding ceremonies as they always beat every record of unusual. In the case of the rock star duo – Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley, who had been together for almost nine years, while on tour for Jon’s ‘New Jersey’ album, decided to tie the knot and make things legal. It was more of a spontaneous union as they flew to Las Vegas for a quick joining without informing anyone.

  1. Amber Tamblyn

The actress Amber Tamblyn, known for her role as one of the sisters of ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ took her voyage a notch higher when she decided to get married to David Cross in the hills. Every detail of this wedding was definitely outside the box of conventional as she wore a yellow flowy sundress with no shoes on, and their 100 guests also showed up to the unique location in canoes. Definitely, no cause for alarm as she reiterated:

“There’s nothing really traditional about me.”

  1. Mary-Kate Olsen

From the moment these two Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy met and started a relationship, everything about the two has been bizarre. First, there is an age gap of 17 years, and then a very obvious height gap. So when they decided to tie the knot three years later, it was almost expected that their ceremony was going to be a very odd one. The weird part was not that it was done in an apartment with 50 guests, but that there were bowls of cigarettes everywhere, instead of glasses of champagne or something else.

  1. Ashlee Simpson

The singer and actress Ashlee Simpson almost made it seem like Halloween when she decided to marry the Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz. They got married on the 17th of May, 2008 in Ashlee’s parents’ California house. So the theme was a mix of gothic with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ features. They must have told the guests to brace themselves on the IVs as the room had colors of reds and blacks even down to the flowers. Of course, the tea time from the animation had to feature somewhere in there.

  1. Solange Knowles

From her music and style, the world definitely expected the singer, Solange Knowles to have a very unusual wedding. In 2014, she married her heartthrob, video director Alan Ferguson, in New Orleans and from the pictures that were all over the internet, it was in an Opera House and almost looked like they on the set of a music video shoot. To get to their wedding venue, they were no limos or decorated vehicles, but they got on bicycles, with Solange’s fro flying in the air and her cream caped jumpsuit.

  1. Pamela Anderson

On the list of predictable unconventional weddings is the one between the ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson and the music artist, Kid Rock, as their personalities gave them away from the very first time they became famous. So, on July 29, 2006, the two married on a yacht in France with Pamela dressed in a bikini and Kid Rock in jeans. Well, they had guests, and they all partied hard for the ceremony. As fun as it might have been, they realized four months after that marriage wasn’t all fun and games.

  1. Miranda Lambert

Country music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton also had to take the country route which we quite expected, for a ceremony such as this. On the 14th of May, 2011, they got married in a barn, as Miranda was in her mom’s dress and the staple cowboy boots and Blake and his groomsmen rocking jeans and suits. Another very special detail of the event was the deer menu, and Miranda proclaimed she hunted the deer by herself.

  1. Katy Perry

When the ‘Roar’ singer Katy Perry and Russell Brand started getting quite close, everyone was interested in how events would turn out between the two, as they seemed like they were on a happy-go-lucky roll with life. One thing we didn’t expect from the two was to go the traditional way, and they didn’t disappoint us. They traveled all the way to India to get married in Rajasthan. Hindu style!


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