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Cool And Interesting Facts About “The Sopranos” Star, James Gandolfini – Buzz

“The Sopranos” star, James Gandolfini,  was known to be very camera shy. However, he gave an occasional interview which slightly debunks the fact that he is press shy. Let’s take a look at Gandolfini’s successful path in Hollywood. His journey starts nearly forty-eight years ago in a little garden state in Pascack Valley. 

His Son, Michael Gandolfini Is Set To Star In “The Sopranos” Prequel

Late James Gandolfini starred as Tony Soprano in the original series of “The Sopranos.” Well,  for the prequel of the series -“The Many Saints of Newark,” his son, Michael Gandolfini will play the character of Tony Soprano.

Early Beginnings

James Gandolfini was born on September 16, 1961, in Westwood New Jersey. His father was a bricklayer who later became the head mason at a Catholic school while his mother was a nutritionist, a head lunch lady.

He Can’t Speak His Mother Tongue

He is of Italian descent. His parents are Italian migrants. He and his siblings do not know how to speak Italian, because they were never taught.

He Loves Robert De Niro

The first movie he ever saw was “West Side Story.” He loves Robert De Niro, especially his performance in “Mean Streets.”directed byimed that movies directed  by Robert Redford were some of his favorites.

He Was Part Of High School Plays

He started acting in high school, where he appeared in school plays whenever he was not playing basketball. He graduated as “best looking” in his class in 1979. 

His Was Into The Night Life

He had his bachelors in communication. Rather than prepare his headshot, he ventured into the nightlife business. He ran a club called “Private Eyes” on the 21st street in Manhattan.

His First Appearance

His first appearance was on “Big El’s Best Friend” it was about an Elvis Fanatic and an Elvis impersonator. He played the role of the impersonator.

Other Movies

His next is “Tarantula dancing.” It w as about two people from lower west. He also stars in “Summer Winds” along with “Naked Angels” and “One Day Wonder at the Actors Studio.”

Odd Jobs

He stopped his bouncing work and engaged in a number of odd jobs. They include working as a bricklayer like his dad, a carpenter, a tree planter, and a street bookseller.

His First Movie

He starred his first movie, “A stranger among us” (1992). The following year, he made a very big impression on the screen with his role on the Quentin Tarantino scripted film”True Romance”

He Was Fired Because He Was “Mouthy”

He got  another Broadway role in a theatrical adaptation of the classic “ On the Waterfront” but he got fired a week before the opening night because they claimed he was too mouthy, after having a

Career Hiatus

He starred in the LA version on “Remembrance” a drama on  religious conflict. He didn’t act on stage for over a decade. His career was. sidetracked by ”The Sopranos”

HBO Role

While  he is jumping from gig to gig, He gets cast for a role in an HBO series about a mob family in New Jersey because of his role in “True Romance.”

He Keeps Acting With Aida Turturro

Aida Turturro and Gandolfini’s are kind of like the ultimate duo. They have acted together in a lot of movies. She was his  sister in  “The Sopranos,” his wife in “Streetcar” and his daughter in the film,” Romance and Cigarettes.”

“In The Loop”

After shooting “The Sopranos, ” he starred in the film, “In the loop.” To try out some West End theatre, he went on to see the intermission of Yasmina Reza’s intermission-less comedy, “God of Carnage.” He was later cast in the Broadway production of the movie.


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