Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $539 Million

Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $539 Million

For about 7 years now, a patent battle has been going on between Samsung and Apple, and it has cost Samsung quite a little sum. The two smartphone companies have been fighting over five patents owned by Apple, with Apple claiming that Samsung has infringed on its intellectual property.

The battle between the two tech giants started after Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S 4G and the Droid Charge.

Multiple court hearings have been held for the five patent infringements. Previously a court ruled that Samsung violated two utility patents owned by Apple, and was asked to pay $5.3 million USD. The biggest part of the lawsuit centers around three design patents, which include a gadget with a black front, similarly curved surrounding bezels, rounded rectangular corners, and a colorful grid of icons.

Apple originally demanded over $1 billion USD in compensation for the patent infringements, but a court settled on $399 million USD in 2015. This sum includes the prior $5.3 million paid by Samsung, and a recent ruling ordered the South Korean tech company to pay Apple $140 million – totaling $539 million.

Apple released a statement saying they were happy that the jurors agree that Samsung should pay for copying their products. "We believe deeply in the value of design. This case has always been about more than money".