The spiderman who saved a toddler from the balcony, Mamoudou Gassama has had the whole world cheering and clapping. After weeks of bad news except for the royal wedding, the heroic act of Mamoudou, an undocumented immigrant has had many believing in good humanity again.

Didn’t Think Twice

French Citizenship For The "Spiderman" Who Saved A Toddler And Some Lessons To Learn. -RumourJuice.

Gassama meets President Macron. -

On Saturday when a crowd was watching the baby dangling from a balcony, Mamoudou didn’t think twice. He scaled the building in less than 40seconds and saved the baby. Of course, people with their cell phones took the footage and in no time it went viral.

Got The Eye Of French President

Not only was the world enthralled and all the major international news channels featuring the story and the Paris mayor calling Gassama, but the French president, Emannuel Macron couldn't help but applaud the hero just like the rest of the world. He actually met Gassama and recognized him as a national hero.

On his Facebook, Macron wrote, “With Mr. Gassama who saved the life of a child on Saturday by climbing four floors with his bare hands. I told him that in recognition of this heroic act he was going to be regularised as soon as possible and that the Paris Fire Brigade is ready to welcome him.”

He further went on to say, “I also invited him to apply for naturalization. Because France [is willpower], and Mr. Gassama demonstrated with commitment that he had it!"

Awarded Citizenship and A Job

French Citizenship For The "Spiderman" Who Saved A Toddler And Some Lessons To Learn. -RumourJuice.

Gassama off his document and scaling the building.

For this heroic act Gassama, being an undocumented immigrant was finally offered French citizenship and a permanent job by the Paris Fire Brigade.

Child’s Father Detained

The child’s father was detained according to French media reports, because of neglect of the child. Many are in agreement with that.

A Lesson For Other Undocumented Immigrants

Other immigrants have a lot to learn about this incident. Instead of turning to a life of crime, a couple of good deeds could land them their big break. Even when the good deeds don't give them citizenship or a good job, still the world becomes a better place even with a single unrecognized good deed.

A Lesson For Parents

As a parent, don't ever leave your child unattended. A child doesn't require many seconds to wreck havoc and have you up and running or screaming in panic. Besides you don't want to risk being detained and even face trial for neglecting your child.

A Lesson For Everyone

For everyone else, doing good and doing it perfectly is important. You might not catch the eye of the president or make the news but you will have made someone happy. When many people doing good and make others happy, people start believing in good again and evil loses.