Times Tesla Boss, Elon Musk Gave Us A Great Laugh On Twitter - Buzz

Times Tesla Boss, Elon Musk Gave Us A Great Laugh On Twitter - Buzz

You might know Elon Musk as the genius behind the Tesla brand, but we know him for more than his genius self to being such a fun presence in the Twitter space. Often times we see him casually tweet about fixing a major problem, launching a product and then inserting some jokes, that make him so relatable. Here are some of his hilarious tweets.

A Flamethrower Pitch

Elon explained to his followers why they should buy flamethrowers.

Not A Zombie Apocalypse Sponsor

Elon made sure to reassure people on twitter that he was not planning a zombie apocalypse so that he could sell off the flamethrowers.

A Reply From Mars

Well, it seems like someone got a little curious about planet Mars, we hope Elon finds the answer.

Another Rumor Debunk

First, it was the zombie apocalypse; now it is aliens’ spaceship.

April Fools’ Joke Or Not?

Here, Elon shares some of the challenges of Tesla which seemed like a joke but not totally a joke.

A Help From Twitter

This time, Elon needed some help from Twitter, and he sure got a handful of them.

Elon’s Hilarious Characters

Often times, Elon had been compared to characters from movies and this time he is embracing the villain side.

Elon The Observer

Elon takes the time to respond to his followers and contributes to solving major and minor issues from these mentions.

On An Ambien Diet

Elon’s sleeping pills might be the reason for his midnight jokes on Twitter.

He Is Human On Some Days

Elon is a fan of the animated TV show title Rick and Morty.

As Honest As He Can Be

Elon might joke a lot especially with his tweets, but this time he expressed how he truly felt and we know it is not a joke.

A Comeback

Elon always has the perfect comeback for everyone, cool!

A Support For The Arts

Regardless of how weird or extreme that your art might be, you are likely to get Elon Musk to buy your art or your merch as in this case with the music group, Insane Clown Posse.

He Embraces His Quirkiness

Elon is a weird man, and he is not denying the fact.

A New Friend, Maybe

So far, all the information we have on Gary, Elon's friend is that he is a snail.

A Genius Breakdown

To avoid ambiguity, when he had to explain gigafactory, he used hamster in units, genius!

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