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Then And Now: Amazing Transformation Of The Game Of Thrones Cast- Buzz

Game of Thrones is the hottest series on television right now. And since its premiere in 2011, it has remained a fan favourite. The show’s cast are so close to our heart that sometimes we forget that they are real human beings underneath the character.

Below is a list of their looks before their arrival in Westeros and their glow up afterwards.

Young Kit Harington And As Jon Snow (In GoT)

The British actor and producer has enjoyed international recognition since the premiere of GoT. He translated his on-screen romance with co-star Rose Leslie off camera, and the duo got married in 2018.

Peter Dinklage As Finbar McBride (In 2003’s The Station Agent) And As Tyrion Lannister (In GoT)

His iconic GoT role has earned him several nominations and awards. He was the inspiration for an uncanny wax figure of his image. He is married to Erica Schmidt.

Emilia Clarke When She Was A Child And As Daenerys Targaryen

The English star joined the series as a relatively new comer to acting. Her career has risen ever since, as she is now one of the most sought-after actresses.

Lena Headey As Young Mary (In 1992’s Waterland) And As Cersei Lannister (In GoT)

The English actress made her big screen debut in Waterland, and continues to work steadily in numerous films. She is married to Dan Cadan and has two children.

Maisie Williams When She Was A Child And As Arya Stark (In GoT)

Playing Arya Stark is her first ever role, the series first premiered 2 days after she turned 14. Maisie is definitely a fan favourite. She is bestfriends with co-star Sophie Turner.

Sophie Turner When She Was A Child And As Sansa Stark (In GoT)

Sophie has earned a second family out of her GoT cast mates since she started acting as a teenager. Her career after GoT ends seems promising and full of opportunities.

Gwendoline Christie As Lexi (In 2012’s Wizards Vs. Aliens) And As Brienne Of Tarth (In GoT)

The English belle trained in dance and gymnastics as a child. She is widely loved for her raw display of talent in her role as  Brienne of Tarth in GoT.

Jason Momoa As Jason (In 2003’s Baywatch) And As Khal Drogo (In GoT)

This hot actor’s role as a Dothraki King in GoT has shot him to international acclaim. After he left the GoT universe, he landed a role in Aquaman as the main character.

Diana Rigg As Emma Peel (In 1961’s The Avengers) And As Olenna Tyrrel (In GoT)

The evergreen talented actress made her professional stage debut in 1957. Since then, her career as risen beautifully. She is loved by millions for her badass role in GoT.

Iain Glenn As Carl Galton (In 1988’s The Fear) And As Ser Jorah Mormont (In GoT)

The scottish actor was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 24,1961. He has two children with his partner, Charlotte Emmerson.

Young Kristofer Hivju And As Tormund Giantsbane (In GoT)

The second-generation Norwegian actor is most recognised by fans as Tormund in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The red-haired beau is still and remains loved by most.

Charles Dance As David Carlton (In 2002’s Ali G Indahouse) And As Tywin Lannister (In GoT)

Charles is an English actor, screenwriter and film director. He often plays assertive bureaucrats or villains in movies.

Sean Bean As Horace Clark (In A 1984 Episode Of The Bill) And As Ned Stark (In GoT)

His career since the eighties has cut across theater, television, radio and movies. He had previously worked for his father’s wielding firm before he went into acting.

Carice Van Houten As Suzy (In 1999’s Suzy Q) And As Melisandre (In GoT)

Houten is one of Europe’s most celebrated actresses. She is also known for her lead role in Paul Verhoeven’s award winning Black Book.

Young Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson And As The Mountain (In GoT)

This list will be incomplete without the Icelandic former professional basketball player, and actor. His role as a strongman in GoT is admired by many viewers.

Aidan Gillen As Frank (In 2000’s The Low Down) And As Petyr Baelish (In GoT)

The Irish actor is an epitome of raw talent.

His powerful rendition in GoT as the scheming Petyr Baelish deserves every accolades.

Rose Leslie As Gwen Dawson (in 2010’s Downton Abbey) And As Ygritte (in Got)

The Scottish actress had her leading on-screen debut at age 21 in the television film New Town (2009). She has featured in several other movies after leaving the GoT scenes.

Tom Wlaschiha (In 2008’s Spoons) And As Jaqen H’ghar (In GoT)

Wlaschiha’s role as Jaqen H’ghar is forever implanted in the hearts of every GoT fan. It also helps that he is very handsome.

Ross Mullan As Puppeteer (In 2007’s Bear Behaving Badly) And As White Walker (In GoT)

He began his performing career working mostly in mask and physical theatre companies. His role as a white walker is impressive, not minding that special effects had contorted his facial features in the show.


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