Memes bring every football fan together. The meme game have seen a drastic change since 2015 when Shaq paved the way with what we know as his bumbling dance moves.

Lady Gaga’s 2017 halftime performance which left us wowed, and, Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl 2018 performance that reminded everyone of a Gap Ad. Now let's see what everyone is saying about the 2019 game.

Things started with a moon walk pace this year.

Even Snickers had to chip in when everyone was just waiting for something exciting to happen.

The game was really slow, some people felt the game was boring and even a goal was not enough to lift the spirit of the fans.

After the first half, everyone wanted a distraction, but Maroon 5’s performance did not still live up to expectation.

Someone even threw shades at Adam Levine's fashion choice and the entire Maroon 5

Everyone loved Spongebob's opening for Travis Scott, and it looked like the most interesting thing since the show started, but sadly, he made a very short appearance.

If the game is not going to lift the atmosphere, at least some shades might.

Welcome Back to the game and it is still lifeless here. If you are just joining us, you have missed nothing.

Tom Brady For The Win

While this looks like the worst Super Bowl ever, it definitely had cool Memes to go with it and Lebron James was in on the jokes too.

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