Every year, US citizens want to see not only the final game of the National Football League. People also wait for one of the most expensive shows featuring the main stars of the American music industry, which organizers and advertisers offer to watch in the middle of the match. However, this time the fans did not like the performance of one of the headliners, Maroon 5, and expressed resentment on social networks.

Adam’s strange choice of outfit

Here Are The Hilarious Things Adam Levine Totally Looked Like At The Super Bowl

Here Are The Hilarious Things Adam Levine Totally Looked Like At The Super Bowl

On February 3, Adam Levine began performing his main hits in a sports sweater and a jacket, and for the two final songs he remained in the shirt with a rather strange print.

Twitter users immediately reacted to his shirt

On a simple brown shirt there was a pattern of small squares, which made Twitter users think that the singer and his stylists has a bad taste.

Did he find inspiration in Louis Vuitton bags?

People ridiculed the Maroon 5 singer after his performance at the Super Bowl and compared his shirt to a Louis Vuitton bag.

Fans started to show their curtains with similar print

The print that started the beginning of discussions and the exchange of causticities between Twitter users was compared to the one used for interior items.

Some users showed their chairs. They look like Adam’s shirt. What do you think?

Some people compared his shirt to furniture items. Pillows had the greatest resemblance.

Levine’s accessories also attracted attention of people

However, we do not know what accessory attracted the biggest attention, because the singer had at least three massive chains of yellow and white gold, and the thickest of them was decorated with diamonds.

Will you follow the social network account dedicated to Levine’s performance?

The only thing that the witty users haven’t done is that they didn’t create an account on social networks, but this can only be a matter of time.

Does he look better without the shirt?

In the end of the 12-minute mini-concert, Levine took off his shirt to sing Moves Like Jagger. However, the audience was not very pleased with this gesture.

Adam Levine has already commented on the situation on his Instagram

He did not even try to justify himself. Adam only told a short story of his preparation and expressed gratitude to everyone who watched the concert that evening.

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