They can't hear us! They really can't because they have airpods on. 2018 was lit with purchases of airpods all over the world. It's like you're an outsider if you're still walking around with a long wire attached to your ears, listening to music. With the widespread of airpods, hilarious memes were created, and they were tagged: They Can’t Hear Us! The best thing about these airpods are the memes you're about to see.

The School Bus

Regina had her airpods on, so she could not hear the school bus. Sad!

Archie & The Bears

Archie from the series Riverdale, may have just been on airpods the whole time, because he could not hear the bears coming.

The Air-conditioner

Chidi couldn't watch out for the air-conditioner, why? Well, because he is on airpods, and he cannot hear us!

Ice Melting

Lavagirl may end up melting that thick ice if she sneezes, but she can't hear us! So what do we do about it?

Mario May Not Make It In Time

Jumping around and swerving to save the Princess, isn't going to be enough now because Mario has his airpods turned on to the highest volume.

Mantis Can't Hear Us!

Mantis had her airpods on the whole time, and now she won’t leave the way. Guess we’ll have to watch what happens next.

Romeo May Have Been Saved

If only Romeo had no airpods in his ears, he would have known that Juliet was only asleep and not dead.

Hawke Should Have Had On Airpods

It would have been better if Ethan Hawke was on his airpods while the Oscars nomination list was announced!

He Will Eat Us Alive

The Carnotaurus is coming at us, and he wouldn't even hear us begging for our lives because those Airpods are turned on. Oh My God!

Charlie Killed Us With Airpods On

The telephone poles pose a great danger, but sure, we are screwed because Charlie wouldn't take off those airpods.

Not Safe For Us, Kids

This is a hilarious meme about a family who are scared of a neighborhood because they did not have airpods.

The Homeless Lady

This is a hilarious video of an airpods fan doing a good deed, and he called a girl with wired earphone, homeless.

Avatar Has Airpods?

The Airbender in motion is listening to music from his airpods, doing what he knows how to do best.

You Either Drip or Drown My Friend

Harry Potter definitely has to drip, because his wardrobe has to change. No argument there!

Rose Refused To Drown

How cruel of you Rose, I thought you said you loved Jack Dawson? Well, it's good she didn't listen to Jack.

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