The Super Bowl LIII which took place on February 3, was all about excitement, suspense, and support for New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. For many reasons, Tom Brady was the star of the show who as at Sunday, added another win to his five previous wins. Luckily, we can relive the glorious moments of the Super Bowl event with these Tom Brady memes.

1. The Legend

With six Super Bowl wins, Tom is truly an American football legend.

2. Don’t Forget It’s his Ninth Super Bowl

This is the ninth Super Bowl of the great player in seventeen years of his booming career.

3. He is Here To Stay

Seventeen years and counting for the Patriots’ quarterback and he is still super active.

4. Non-Stop Praises

Well, the Rams are probably boiling, but it won’t stop us from praising the Patriots.

5. Friendly Reminder

This is just a very friendly reminder to everyone that Patriots and Tom Brady are awesome!

6. The Main Man

Go Patriots!: Super Bowl Legend, Tom Brady’s Best Memes

Go Patriots!: Super Bowl Legend, Tom Brady’s Best Memes

Brady is not just a regular quarterback, he is one of the Patriots’ main man.

7. The Great Coach

This is a picture that will forever be implanted in the memory of the Patriots, but unfortunately for the losing team, it will always be a sad reminder, oops!

8. Six And Counting

This is his sixth Super Bowl cup out the nine Super Bowls he has participated in. Quite an impressive record!

9. 500 Blankets

That moment when you are so accomplished that you have 500 NFL blankets, like what! Does he use them all?

10. The Numbers Don’t Lie

Patriots team has an impeccable record, but the fact that Tom Brady has 500 blankets seems like a more pressing matter to fans.

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