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Candid And Rare Photos Of The British Royals That Were Worth The Shot – Buzz

With how formal and orderly things from the British Royal households are, all we ever expect are impeccable pictures of them looking all elegant and well aligned for a family portrait. Well, it seems that not enough care has been taken in that regard as some very interesting shots of Royals have gotten out which we really like.

Young Queen

Here, young Queen Elizabeth was dressed so simply, but you can bet all that simplicity cost quite a fortune as she waved to the crowd. This was after she was just crowned as the Queen.

The Queen And Her Mother

What is better than seeing one royal? It has to be seeing two as the Queen, and her mom stepped out for service looking so stylish.

Princess Diana

This picture is a rare one as Princess Diana was captured smiling so hard.

Prince Charles And Duchess Of Cornwall

We all know the Royal family story, how Prince Charles remarried and this time took Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to be his bride. With the train and the stairs, this shot speaks volumes as it marked the start of their new life together.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

After this perfect shot of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the photographer who has followed the Royal family closely – Anita Atkinson probably got some major popularity for capturing this moment from the most talked-about royal wedding.

Great Grandma And Prince William

This was in the year 1992. The Queen Mother was all shades of beautiful and pretty in pink when she went to church with her great-grandson- Prince William who was dressed in a black suit and tie.

A Gift And A Smile

This gift given to the Queen in 2012 must have really warmed her heart as she gave a huge smile after receiving it.

Prince William At An Opening Event

This time, Prince Williams showed up at the grand opening of the Commonwealth Arena, and he surprised everyone by taking a selfie, which of course was captured.

A Visit To New Zealand

We can tell by the expression on Prince Harry’s face that he is more than excited to be in New Zealand and to be welcomed by a number of fans.

Prince George Learning The Ropes

Looks like one of the young princes – Prince George is catching up on some of the rules and duties of the royals, one of which includes the royal wave.

The Iconic Wave

This wave made by the Queen would always remain such a memoir, and the photographer who took this shot deserves all the accolades.

Princess Diana Thinking

Late Princess Diana adorned in a black outfit probably didn’t want any attention as she tries to hide her face.

Queen Elizabeth In Her Family Portrait

You might be used to seeing the Queen all grown and with her offsprings, but here is little Elizabeth with her sister and parents.

A Sad Princess Diana

We know it is almost mandatory for royals to smile, but someone doesn’t seem to care in this shot as she sticks to the gloomy face. She still looked pretty though.

Queen Elizabeth

Here, Queen Elizabeth is carrying Princess Anne and holding on to Prince Charles with her left hand.


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