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Fascinating Signs That Show You And Your Partner Were Meant For Each Other – Buzz

When it comes to love and all the other things in between, we believe that there are some signs to look out for which serve as major pointers that both partners are made for each other. Call it a cosmic feeling but, here are some of the telling signs of true love.

  1. PDA

Obviously, the first sign is when you guys are so attracted to each other that you cannot keep your hands to yourselves. Doesn’t have to be anything explicit, but a tap or hands holding is definitely a public display of affection.

  1. The Kiss

There’s definitely a reason why movies emphasize on the first kiss between two people who have been seeing each other and going on dates. It is usually the start of a great love story and can tell if they are in sync. Scientists have proof too.

  1. More Actions

Not that texts and affirmations are not relevant, but when a love story is built to last, there would be more actions, just as the word Love, which is a doing word. If you love, you do more than you say.

  1. Synced Interests

Well, so many people would disagree with this as the saying, opposites attract each other more often than similar people, but it goes beyond being an introvert or extrovert to having the same value system.

  1. Mutual Encouragement

A one-sided encouragement from just one partner in a relationship would definitely lead to heartbreak in the long or short run. It is always nice to know you have someone in your corner constantly rooting for you.

  1. Good Or Bad, Share The News

You pretty much tell each other everything when you are in love. Whether it is some bad news or some amazing ones, they should be the first persons you would want to share all of that with.

  1. Of Course, You Fight

Love is never a bed of roses, and it has been proven one so many times. So, if you are in a relationship and have never had one disagreement, then something is definitely wrong somewhere.

  1. The Eyes Speak

Yup, you read that right. The eyes definitely speak. Beyond what words can say or what fingers can type and write, the eyes can sure reveal of how much affection you have for the next person.

  1. Future Thoughts

When you think of your future, and you don’t see your partner fitting into that picture, then something is very wrong. If you love someone, you would want to spend forever with him or her.

  1. Shared Secrets

Beyond just talking about basic things and facts that are not embarrassing, you also feel at peace sharing some of your deepest secrets and trusting that they would guard it just as you have.

  1. You Are Yourself

If someone makes you be like someone else when you are around them, then maybe you should cut that person off. Love makes you want to express yourself freely without any fear of judgment.

  1. The Jokes

Sending memes and funny GIFs is definitely not less of a love language than all the other major ones. When in love, you guys need to have good laughs at the same things. As we know, laughing reduces stress a great deal, and it sure works in relationships.

  1. The Chemistry

You can tick off all the love languages, send all the jokes, share secrets and go on numerous dates, but when that chemistry is missing, it is almost like a wild goose chase. So yes, chemistry is very important.

  1. Compromise A Little

You can’t always have your way. If you think you can and should, then you shouldn’t even think of being in a stable relationship because relationships that work require a little compromise here and there.

  1. Fun In Each Other’s Company Alone

If you need an external body or scenery to make you both have fun, then something is totally off. Love means you both can have so much fun while doing nothing and just by being with each other.


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