Donald Trump is more than just a face on social media, simply because people all around the world have made it their sole aim to keep making memes about him. Nevertheless, today’s memes are not about the American President. Who is it about? You ask, well, it’s about the latest meme queen, Nancy Pelosi whose petty-clapped at Trump during his SOTU address is now a talking point on social media.

The Clap Was Timed

Nancy Pelosi Is The Current Queen Mother Of Sarcastic Memes On Twitter - Buzz

Nancy Pelosi Is The Current Queen Mother Of Sarcastic Memes On Twitter - Buzz

Nancy stood up majorly to mock the president who seemed to be preaching what he wasn’t practicing when he talked about diplomacy, cooperation, compromise, and the common good. The world felt Nancy couldn’t take the speech any longer and thus, the clap.

Theories Behind The Clap

Many were doubting the purpose of the clap at first, and some felt the world misunderstood her action. But Nancy’s daughter confirmed the obvious truth, which was the fact that her mother only does that when someone truly disappoints her.

Nancy And Lucy

Nancy Pelosi is not the only woman who feels the need to talk and argue with the President is a futile endeavor, just like herself, Lucille Bluth is also more of a facial and body expression kind of woman.

Natalie Portman Did It First

Natalie Portman once did something similar, and hers was actually a priceless expression. Looking at Nancy, brings back great memories of when Natalie made that face and cracked the world up.

The Meme Fits Into Everything!

The world has come to the conclusion that this particular meme fits almost every situation and people decided to be creative by using it judiciously. Someone said it would be perfect for when your husband surprises you with dinner.

You Deserve A Medal

This meme has become so popular that people have hiked up their creativity charts and the results are hilarious, especially on Twitter. Apparently, the meme looks like a You Have Done Well kind of gesture.

You Are Your Own Downfall

The meme could also be used for the original reason why it came to be. In a case where someone has messed up, this act will be the perfect thing to do, just to save words.

For Appreciation

Sometimes words cannot express the pride, joy, and appreciation one feels for someone, and this meme has rescued us from all our worries. Thanks to Nancy, now we can save our energy and go straight to appreciative gestures.

It Goes On And On

On Twitter, things escalated, and at a point, this meme became a universal meme for all purpose. It could even fit a scenario in which someone you hate makes things worse by saying things you hate even more.

Proud Parent

If you look at Nancy’s clap from a different point of view, you will realize that she has accomplished her aim by not saying a single word, you can use this method on your pet, they love grand gestures.

Adam Levine And Nancy

Someone went as far as photoshopping Nancy into a picture of Adam Levine, playing the guitar shirtless. For a very clear reason, this meme fits the situation to the core.

Mood For 2019

This sarcastic clap will be mood goals for many in 2019. This is a year of zero stress and clapping instead of flaring up and throwing tantrums is a great way to let the year go by.

Even MedTwitter Got Involved

MedTwitter also felt a connection to the meme because they could definitely relate to such circumstances which are normal in their field of practice. This particular caption is hilarious.

College Struggle

College students can relate to this on a regular basis. Everyone has probably experienced doing a group assignment solo, and then having your group members take credit for the work, or try and be of use some minutes to the deadline.

Mom Meme

This meme is for all mothers out there because just like Nancy, mothers sometimes skip the words and go straight to the offensive, they try and make it look like they are not making fun of you, but their kids know better.

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