Watching Meghan Markle and Princess Diana closely, it is interesting finding out that the duo has lots of things in common. Interestingly, the royal family has long noticed these similarities on different occasions. Harry, in an interview, mentioned that his mother and his wife would have a strong bond if Princess Diana were alive.

meghan markle and prince harry leaving royal family

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Knowing that Princess Diana, who is Prince Harry's mother, and Meghan Markle share striking similarities is not exclusive to the royal home. Many other people have taken notice of this as well. From their fashion choices to their approach to life issues and other unexpected aspects, how the two of them have managed to share these common things is still a wonder to many. Take a look at the list to discover these similarities.

Similarities between Princess Diana and Meghan Markle

What similarities do these ladies share?

20. Celebrity title

Though Harry has always been famous for being a prince, who is Prince Harry's mother? His mum, Princess Diana, was a celebrity who was quite different from other members of the royal family. In the 1980s, over 750 million people viewed her wedding to Prince Charles. She was spotted dancing with John Travolta in the White House. Apart from that, she was loved by many, including the people at Hollywood.

Markle, on her part, was an actress before her marriage to Prince Harry. She starred in many movies and television series, with the most recent being Suits. Meghan Markle 2020 identity is more likely to be an American actress to many than the British Duchess of Sussex.

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19. Negative media attention

Meghan Markle and Diana, Princess of Wales, have been caught in a net of negative media attention on different occasions. Her father mistreated Markle before George Clooney came to her defense. He opined that the media are disparaging Meghan in the same manner her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was vilified. He said it was history repeating itself.

Meghan has received much negative press attention, one of which was when she was referred to as "Duchess Difficult" by British tabloids. It appears Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving the royal family is to help them avoid media brutality and public attention.

18. Pet names

Princess Diana was nicknamed Di by the royal house during her lifetime. Likewise, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has been called Di 2 by the royal family, according to Vanity Fair.

meghan markle and prince harry leaving royal family

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However, a few sources think it is a lovely name for the wife of Prince Harry in memory of his late mum.

17. Princess Diana and Meghan Markle look-alike outfit

Is Meghan Markle a princess? Yes, she is. The former Suits actress got married to Prince Harry in May 2018, and one of the similarities she shares with her late mother-in-law is the elegant look in her dresses. Her style of dressing has always caught media attention. For instance, her wedding dress shared some similarities with that of her mother-in-law. As Diana’s veil was attached, so did Meghan utilize hers in passing a strong message.

It seemed like Meghan copied Diana in the area of using the necklines on her dress to cover her shoulders. Meghan Markle and Princess Diana fashion look-alike is a sign of the love she has for the mother of her husband.

16. Royal house rift

Let us look at Princess Diana vs Meghan Markle in the area of fake rumors. In the 1980s, the media spread the news of a feud between Princess Diana and Princess Sarah, the Duchess of York. They succeeded in sowing a permanent seed of discord between the two princesses. They have repeated the same act between the Duchesses of Sussex and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The rumors caused a hidden royal fight by making a comparison between the two wives of Princess Diana's sons. Did Meghan Markle leave the royal family because of this? We will wait for time to reveal the truth.

15. Choice of outfits

Diana, who is Prince Harry's mother, had a good sense of fashion, and Markle is not different from her in this aspect. Mark Stewart, the official photographer of the royal family for many years, confessed that he sees a lot of similarities between the late Princess' and Meghan’s fashion styles.

meghan markle duchess of sussex

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Many of Meghan Markle and Diana dresses look similar. They are both in love with the color black.

14. Thorough scrutiny by the media

Most times, people see all celebrities as attention seekers, but this was not the case with Diana. Though the media wanted to subject her to thorough scrutiny, she avoided it as much as she could. Harry, in the ITV documentary Harry & Meghan, said that each time he sees a camera or hears a click or flash, he is taken aback.

He was referring to the media hype that did not go well with his mum and his wife recently. Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not like public attention.

13. Charitable courses

During her time on earth, Diana was a famous activist. She was famously known as "The People’s Princess." She will always be remembered for engaging in humanitarian services.

Diana, Princess of Wales

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The same can be said about Markle as she is an advocate herself. She has spoken out on gender inequality and social inequality on different occasions.

12. Pacesetters

Diana was one of the famous figures in the fashion industry in the 20th century. She was seen many times wearing designer items that numerous people desired to get a piece of. Many women copied her hairstyle, and many fashion trends were as a result of her dressing.

Meghan is on that same path now as the media has taken notice of the Meghan effect. She has an outlook that fashionistas will find inspiration from.

11. Breaking the rules

Markle, like Princess Diana, has proved that she does not always keep to rules. Diana broke the rule by sending Prince William to a public school, thereby making him the first heir to go to a public school. She had the same resolve for her other son, Harry. She was known to have chosen her engagement ring and written her wedding vows.

Markle has taken the same path. During her wedding, she was seen walking herself partway down the aisle. Where is Megan and Harry? They have broken the royal protocol to pursue their happiness.

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10. Broken homes

Both princesses came from separated homes. They both had a similar experience with their family. Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle got separated when Markle was only two years old.

On the other hand, Diana's father, John Spencer, and her mother, Frances Spencer, divorced when she was seven years old. Though this appears to be a coincidence, it is still a sign that they share many things in common.

9. Brief courtships

The two wives of royals had a very short period of courtship with their future husbands before their engagements. Harry and Meghan met in summer 2016 and got engaged in November 2017.

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It was the same case for Diana and Prince Charles as they started dating in summer 1980, and got engaged by February 1981.

8. The desire to engage with all classes of people

Why is Diana Princess of Wales? She was the princess of Wales because she was married to Charles, the Prince of Wales. Despite that, she lived a simple life, and her ability to accommodate the low and middle-class people baffled many people. Grand Harold, a former royal butler, said that Diana was the first in the royal house to display such an attitude.

This is the case with Meghan too. She has been seen many times hugging different classes of people. Like her mother-in-law, she is accommodating and welcoming. The Meghan Markle latest news of leaving royalty to live the life of the ordinary person is a confirmation of her simple lifestyle.

7. Engagement rings

Harry designed Markle’s engagement ring. He put the precious ring together by including a few diamonds from the collection of Diana.

Did Meghan Markle leave the royal family?

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He got the dominant one from Botswana, where the couple had a good time together. The resemblance between Meghan and Diana ring is striking.

6. They were not from royal families

Neither Diana nor Meghan Markle was born into royal families. Against popular opinion, the royal family does not restrict marriages to royals only. The two ladies both learned the royal traditions in the palace. So, one can be sure that Prince Harry 2020 decision to live a private would not be hard for Meghan to cope with after all.

5. They attended all-girls private schools

The two queens attended all-girls private school. While Diana went to Riddlesworth Hall School at the age of nine, Markle attended Immaculate Heart High School, a private school in Los Angeles.

4. They are warm and receptive

Diana’s inclination to associating with the common person earned her the nickname "People's Princess." The Duchess of Sussex has the same character. Many people were surprised to observe that she interacted with people well right from the beginning. She exchanged greetings with people during the engagement announcement on her first public appearance.

She went as far as going around, giving hugs, appreciating the people individually. The children were not left out. She treats them with kindness, and they almost always do not want to let her go each time she comes around them. Who will be the next queen of England? In answering this question, many pointed to Diana when she was alive. Presently, the next in line to the throne is Prince Charles, Duke of Cambridge.

3. First royal tour

Meghan’s debut royal tour had a striking similarity with Princess Di’s tour, which took place in 1983. After their wedding, Princess Diana Prince embarked on a tour to various places, which was the case with Meghan Markle.

meghan markle and princess diana fashion

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The Duchess of Sussex's first royal tour included trips to New Zealand, Australia, Tonga, and Fiji. She and her husband met the local people and went out with lifeguards. They also hugged and kissed their fans.

2. They are full of confidence in front of the camera

Mark Stewart, a longtime photographer of the royal family, says Meghan is exactly like Diana, who had so much confidence in front of the camera. It is rare to find people who do not shy away from the camera, but the two royal wives make perfect eye contact with the camera in exactly the same manner.

1. The natural mark of beauty

This similarity is remarkable though it is not very clear to many who would not pay close attention to it. Both princesses have a mole on the left side of their lips. The mark is the same and in the same spot for both.

With Princess Diana and Meghan Markle look alike marks, one might begin to wonder if they are sisters. The coincidence is way too much.

From what has been shared so far, Princess Diana and Meghan Markle look alike characters, and fashion choices are astonishing. It appears as though the Duke of Sussex looked for a spouse who was similar in both appearance and character to his mother. Well, he found his missing rib, and the happy couple is currently raising their young son.

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