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These Memes Perfectly Show What A Real Wedding Looks Like

Wedding! This is every girl’s dream. You met your ideal man, he made a proposal and now the most important day has come. Do expectations and reality always coincide? Let’s see funny pictures, in some of them you will definitely recognize your couple!

Marriage is a compromise!

30 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Wedding

We all know that marriage is a compromise! Moreover, now we understand that everything begins with a wedding! Maybe two cakes are the best idea? What do you think about this?

When you are finally married!

This is the moment when you are finally married to your dream partner and you are full of emotions! Right now you want to brag to the whole world!

When you have very funny friends

Wedding photos can be very funny if your friends have a good sense of humor!

When you chose a good DJ

A good wedding DJs are a great way to add spice to any reception. Everyone loves to dance. Especially to the most popular and trendy songs.

Wedding taboos

Do your friends know that the white color of the dress is not the only way to spoil the relationship with the bride? Yes, there are several other proven options.

The best wedding photographer

If you don’t know what photographer to choose, we have a good idea! Funny photos and good mood provided. The main thing is not to throw the ball on the holiday table.

Too creative photographer

If your photographer is a too creative person, such moments cannot be avoided! Do not forget to look at his work in advance and discuss your wishes! Otherwise, someone can be not satisfied!

Sitting plan

Sometimes the bride and groom use a very strange logic when choosing how to place their guests! So, do not be surprised if you will be surrounded by children.

Groom can also be a star

Not always the attention of guests is riveted only to the bride! Sometimes, the bridegroom will become the program’s delivery. And here is the question: is it all because of a very good sense of humor or are there any other reasons?

Wedding photo tricks

Yes, it’s true! Sometimes you have to resort to various tricks to make the best wedding photos. There is nothing surprising in this! These photos will remain a memory for the rest of your life.

Mistake or not?

Many couples want the perfect wedding so much that they are ready to spend all their savings on this day. Is it a mistake or not? Is one day worth the cost? Judging by the statistics, it definitely worth it!

Non-standard solutions

Who said that everything should be traditional and standard? If you want a special wedding, or a special cake, why not? This is your day and your desires should be in priority.

Today is the perfect day!

If you want to wait for the perfect person, the perfect moment for a wedding and to be fully prepared for this, you can wait a lifetime! Live for today and enjoy life.

Dreams come true!

What to do if you are a big fan of Batman? You need to find a girl who will allow this comic hero to be part of your wedding!

Expectations and reality

This is the moment when you say that your wedding will be standard and your dress will be modest. However, the wedding day shows that expectations do not always coincide with reality!

Is handmade always better?

Sometimes the reality is that wanting to save you can spend much more money. This situation is familiar to many couples who are going to get married!

When you want to save on the photographer

Does your friend say that he takes great photos and offers you to save on a wedding photographer? You should think twice whether this is a good idea. At the wedding it will be too late to change something.

Dream dress

Every girl dreams of a wedding dress from her childhood. Many ladies even have a specific design. What is your perfect dress? Maybe the one from the photo? We like it!

Wedding planning

It’s time to plan a wedding. Naturally, you are interested in the opinion of your parents. What to do if it does not completely coincide with your opinion and your desires?

Wedding should not always be too formal

30 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Wedding

What if you add a little humor to your wedding day? This will help relieve stress and adjust yourself and guests to a positive wave!


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