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Super Hilarious And Most Relatable Mom Memes Ever

Actress, Tina Fey once said,

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.”

We are sure every mom can relate with that statement. No one can fully understand what mothers go through until they become one.

However, moms find ways to make themselves happy amidst all the stress and complexity of motherhood.

Below is a list of mom memes that will make your day.

eBay Has A New Product

This mom is going bizarre on a chat platform when she informs her co-mom that her child will soon be out for good, the advice she got in return was hilarious.

Hold My Hand

That moment when mommy suggests that you hold her hand and stay close to her, but you finally discovered your ballerina skills, and you want to express it.

I’m Glad Baby

When kids tell their moms that they will not be in speaking terms for the rest of the day, they have no idea how relieved and happy moms are, to hear those words.

He’s Not Listening

This is the face you make when your kid trips on the toys, you’ve earlier instructed him to pick up from the ground countless times.

Snack Holder

This meme showing Beyoncé fully dressed in a gorgeous apparel, but still going on with mommy duties suggests that moms are automatically snack holders whether they want to or not.

Just Sleep Please

All mothers know this, when your child is steadily falling asleep, do not stare at the face, no matter the temptation, just keep off. Well, unless you are prepared for the outcome.

Smiling Is Not A Day’s Job

Scratch that, it isn’t even a year’s job as children can be the loveliest and happiest on normal days, but when it comes to putting a smile on, for the camera, then you have a problem.

Can’t I Eat In Peace?

This meme explains that mothers can never be so secretive with food, especially when it comes to candy; your child is already on your case when they hear the crinkling sound of a candy wrapper.

I’m Getting Old

This meme talks about the age difference before and after having a kid, apparently, buckling a bay to the car seat is more work than you can ever imagine.

I Can’t Say It Out

These are probably the words every mom wants to blurt out when they go through the stress of making a home cooked meal, and the kids refuse to eat.

Mom Confession

Moms stay up most of the time to attend to the crying baby, so for them, it is not enough to sleep like a baby anymore, sleeping like the father of the baby seems more peaceful.

The First Time vs. 7,567th Time

This funny meme shows how heartwarming it is when a child says mom for the first time. And how moms genuinely feel frustrated when they hear their kids call them for a thousand times in one minute.

When You Are Asked Questions That Have No Answers

This is the face you make when your child asks you weird questions; you have no answers to. Totally hilarious!

Caught Unawares

Children will most times not settle down, for you to take their pictures, so here is a meme that shows how moms become sneaky to take a perfect camera shot.

No Bed Space For Mummy

When your kids comes in to share the bed with you and ends up taking all the space, even though there is enough space for both of you. And you are wondering if you should reclaim the space or just let your child sleep calmly.

Funny Questions About Twins

This is one trouble that most moms with twins put up with. Many people see them holding on to identical children, and still ask them silly questions.

Can I Reheat My Coffee Now?

This meme is so hilarious as it reveals how moms are so engrossed in their kids that they forget to heat their cups of coffee every day.

Be Cautious

Every mom can totally relate with this. It is such a big task trying to transfer sleeping babies to their cots without waking them up.

So Close To My Breakdown

For most moms, they are always on the verge of having a mental breakdown and this meme showing Rihanna’s heel about to get stuck in a grate says it all.

It’s Just A Pajama Buddy

This priceless facial expression of Daenerys from the series, Game of Throne is how most moms are with their kids, when they are getting them to put on their pajamas, and it is so funny.


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