The decision to spend your life with one person is a serious step. Family life is never absolutely perfect and easy, but if you and your spouse can maintain a sense of humor even in the most difficult situations, then the chances of having a warm and strong relationship increase.

Here are 15 funny tweets showing what it is to be married.

Communication is the key

Communication with a partner is the key to the success of healthy relationships. When words are not enough, you can use the tools at hand. The main thing is to show creativity.

About sleeping together every night

We should not forget about the importance of personal space. Waking up with the loved one every morning is priceless. But sometimes getting a whole bed at one’s disposal is much cooler.

Compromise is important

In a strong relationship it is very important to be able to agree and to find a compromise. But there are situations when it is almost impossible to make concessions.

The closest person

After the wedding, your partner becomes your closest person to whom you can even trust your life. But the most important thing is that he should answer the phone in the necessary moment.

About apology

Sometimes it is not easy to apologize, especially if you don't know what for. A tip for men: it is better to say excuse me in any incomprehensible situation in order to avoid conflicts in the future.

To accept all flaws

To love someone means to accept him as he is. It also means not to pay attention to any flaws, even if they can put you in a curious situation.

About honesty

Marriage is when you are honest with your partner even when the truth seems more incredible than any lies. Although there are situations when it is better to just keep silent.

Knowing the partner well

When you are married it means that you know your spouse and his/her habits even better than yourself. Going shopping together is the situation that can prove this best of all.

Who is the boss?

All men think they are the main ones in marriage. It is true. They can do whatever they want and whenever they want. They only have to ask permission from their wives.

About shortcomings

We all know say that lovers do not even notice each other's shortcomings. But what about married people? Marriage can quickly change the situation. This has been proven by hundreds of couples around the world.

About dominance

It is possible to find out who is in the head of the family in different ways. And it happens very often that the one who is stronger is not always right.

True side of marriage

In the youth, almost everybody wants to move out of the parental home as quickly as possible to decide what they want to do themselves. After getting married, many of them want to return.

About knowing the spouse

In marriage, it is important not only to learn all the interests of your partner, but also to find out how to use your knowledge for your own purposes even in the most unobvious cases.

About sharing

In marriage, it is important to share absolutely everything with your partner. But probably everyone has his favorite yummy which he can eat himself just one time. Or maybe several times more.

Real reason for staying together

Sometimes there are situations when you want to end your relationship. But then you remember how cute, kind and beautiful your husband is or something else he can perfectly do.

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